23 January, 2021

#BookReview :: The Wrath of the Hellfires (Vikramaditya Veergatha #4) by Shatrujeet Nath - #Fantasy #VV4 @shatrujeet


It's been an excruciating wait for the final instalment since The Vengeance of Indra ended with so many questions in the readers' minds.

Vikramaditya is under attack from all ends - and his trusted council of nine is no longer the strong team that it once was. With the Asuras and the Devas preparing to mount their final assault, Vikramaditya needs his trusted band backing him up. Instead, Ghatakapara is missing, Kalidasa has left Avanti to join the Hunas and Vararuchi is laying his claims to the throne. With spies on the lose within the palace, a rebellion brewing within Ujjayini, Hunas just around the corner, Vikramaditya is overwhelmed from all quarters. Will the discord between the humans prove to be their downfall? Will Vikramaditya be able to fend off the Devas and the Asuras for good? Or will everything come crumbling down as the Devas and the Asuras leave the human world desolate in their quest for Veeshada's dagger?

The Wrath of Hellfires is an epic conclusion to an epic tale. The author masterfully weaves all the threads of the different aspects of the plots and characters together to tell a tale that inspires hope. As the story pick up from where The Vengeance of Indra left off, we see many aspects of all the different strategies and conspiracies coming to a high before the climax. Each character, and I do not mean only Vikramaditya and his council of nine, played their roles while living up to the values that we readers associate with each of them. I do have to mention though that I was expecting a little more drama with regards to the resolution of a couple of conflicts.

The battle scenes were the best part of the book. There were a couple of face offs that were totally epic and will go down as my all time favourite scenes. Pity that I cannot say more than that without giving away spoilers; but let's just say that lightning bolts, hellfires and scimitar were involved. As the plot unfolds, other than the battle scenes, I also loved how the core values of Vikramaditya and his councilors - love, honor, courage and loyalty - were used to influence the final outcome. Vikramaditya's very strong moral compass has always been a highlight in the series and as other characters step up to personify each of these qualities, the book confirms the continuous theme of proving that humans are capable of amazing things when guided by their heart and their determination.

I would also like to put in a special mention for a character with a cameo in the series (in The Conspiracy at Meru) that really made a lasting impression on me. I'll always remember Udayasanga - the Samsaptaka warrior who fought bravely and loyally to the end.

As the series concludes, I am sad to have to say goodbye to some of my favourite characters but knowing I can return to them anytime I want to. 

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