17 March, 2021

#BookReview :: Murder on the Metro (Capital Crimes #31) by Jon Land, Margaret Truman - @partnersincr1me #PoliticalThriller #CapitalCrimes


There's a terrorist attack involving a drone on an Israeli beach. American Vice President has an heart attack. A suicide bomber is spotted in a Washington metro. These three seemingly unconnected incidents happen within a span of a few days and each incident has a different person investigating it. That is until their paths cross and seemingly random incidents do not seem so random afterall. Robert Brixton has just lost his PI job with a law firm and has also foiled the metro suicide bomber's plans; only to be contacted by Secret Service's Kendra Rendine who is pretty sure that the VP's death was a foul play. It would be fair to say that Brixton has a lot on his plate and not enough answers. Once he is put in touch with Mossad's Lia Ganz, things start falling into place. How are these incidents connected? Will Brixton be able to solve the puzzle before it is too late?

I cannot believe that I did not hear about this series before! 31 books out and I finally am discovering this series. This fact though gave me an advantage - since I have not read the original series by Margaret Truman, I have nothing to compare this book and it's characters to.

Brixton is an interesting character. An ex-cop who is now a private investigator comes with the baggage of having lost his daughter to a suicide bomber few years ago. He never could get it out of his mind and luckily, for some people, that made him took notice of an inappropriately dressed individual in the metro. His quick thinking saved a lot of lives. Though Brixton has his flaws, which only make him human to the readers, he is a protagonist who can reel you in. The supporting characters in the book are interesting too. Each doing their part to move the story along while adding to the flesh of it. I got the feeling that some of them are recurring characters in the series.

With three different incident and multiple threads, the plot is fast paced. The author does an admirable job of setting up the story in a manner that as I directly dove into the 31st book of a series, I did not feel lost at any point. In fact the plot had its hook in me early on. It was fast and intense and I absolutely loved the way the author wrapped everything up in the end. I am now a fan of Robert Brixton and Jon Land. I will absolutely be looking up the other books in the series.

Pick this one up for a thrilling ride with characters you'll love.

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  1. I haven't read any books in this series, but your review has encouraged me to get a copy of this book.