09 September, 2021

#BookReview :: The Breakthrough: 11 Trailblazers. One Movement. by Megha Bajaj - @ItsaWoWlifeMB @Rupa_Books #Spiritual #SelfHelp

 The Breakthrough is a collection of 11 true stories of 11 trailblazers. We aren't talking about the likes of Michelle Obama or Bill Gates who we love to idolize but aren't really able to relate to for most parts. These 11 trailblazers are common Indian folks, who had their shares of ups and downs, but turned an ordinary moment into an extraordinary breakthrough moment. They have faced the same struggles that we do, they faced the same odd that we do and yet they are different from us because they discovered their own secrets to not only success but also happiness in life. No two stories are the same - each person has a different personality, slightly different struggles and vastly different journeys. Yet all the stories are the same in essence as they all found their own way ahead to make that one 'breakthrough' that changed their lives.

I planned to read this book like any other book I pick up. Treat each person's story as a different story and this book as an anthology and read through them in as few sittings as possible. Yet right from Nitin Nyati's story I knew this book was going to be different. I ended up reading each story with a gap of two-three days between them as I wanted and needed time to let the stories sink in. The 'adventures' that these people have taken on are sometimes interesting and sometimes left me dumbfounded. But each of them left me with a few lessons and it was up to me to decide how much of it I could utilise in my own life. I loved the fact that this non-fiction book is not the type to preach. It tells us inspiring stories that gets us all excited not only about the people we read about but for the hope that they brought with their stories. Then the book let's us decide how much we want to take in.

Author Megha Bajaj has done an incredible job of keeping the spotlights on the 11 trailblazers that she has featured in the book. But at the same time it was never out of our mind who the storyteller was because of the way she brought their stories to life. The simple yet descriptive language of the author made it easy for me to immerse myself in the lives of the trailblazers. It felt less of a non fiction biography and more like a storytelling session where the author introduced us to people we can look up to. Special mention to the book's lay out and colour scheme. It added  to the reading experience.

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