08 November, 2021

#BookReview :: Baby It's Cold Outside by Emily Bell - #BabyItsColdOutside #HolidayRomance @michaeljbooks @PenguinUKBooks


When Norah's mother plans to go to a, in Norah's own words, 'druggy retreat' during Christmas and informs her at the last moment, Norah is left in a lurch. Afterall, one of her rules for single life is never to be alone during holidays. As she stomachs the betrayal, she remembers a promise she made with Andrew a decade back. Andrew was a summer fling, someone she had met in Verona at a moment when their lives were heading in completely different directions. They did try to keep in touch but life happened and it has been a while. Norah doesn't dare think that Andrew would remember promising to meet at Dublin on Christmas Eve in ten years' time and yet she cannot help but wonder. With nothing better to do, Norah decides to drag her best friend Joe along for a  train and ferry ride to be at the designated spot on Christmas Eve.

Narrated in flashbacks, we get to know about the famous trip Verona and meet Andrew as Norah remembers him. At the same time we also get introduced to Norah's friend circle through these flashbacks as we take on the adventure with Norah and Joe in the present.

The best part about the book is author's capacity to build up a vivid setting through her narrative. Whether its that summer in Verona or London & Dublin in winter, I found it easy to travel to all these places with Norah thanks to the authors beautiful narrative. It also helped that all the characters in the book are quirky in their own ways and the way they are developed make them feel very real. As each of the friends are in different stages of their lives - one is married, one is single and one is engaged, it also kind of reminds us that we all have our own timelines in life. And the references to pop culture that is sprinkled throughout the book only made it more heartwarming.

Norah as the protagonist is someone who is really easy to love and as a reader I wanted her to find her happiness. She is a perky and spunky character who may not be perfect, but she is pretty close to it. The different dynamics and relationships portrayed in the book are not only fun to read about, but also tugs at your heart. The friendship that the three girls share is amazing. And well, then there is Joe… who know what exactly Norah needs.

While the plot is pretty predictable and within the first 30% of the book you sort of know how the book will end, the journey there is very enjoyable. Glad to have read this one and happy to recommend it to holiday romance lovers.

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