13 November, 2021

#BookReview :: Tarot for Beginners by Judith Guise - #Occult #NewAgeDivination @booksproutapp


I have been learning and practicing Tarot for years now. For most parts I am self taught - thanks to detailed articles online and card guides on youtube. It is only now that I am doing an official course for a certification. When I saw the opportunity to read this book, I took it up quite happily to supplement my course learning.  

Tarot for Beginners by Judith Guise has content divided into short chapters covering quite a bit of the basics of Tarot. From the history to developing intuition to the cards to some spreads to actual tips to develop your own learning style - the author provides some really good tips in this book. The Major Arcana cards are covered well but the author barely touches upon the Minor Arcana card. As a beginner, I had struggled with the minor arcana cards and as such, I think that it is a big drawback of the book. I did learn a few new spreads from the book and wished that the book had diagrams to go with them. My copy is an ARC, so I do not know if the author included them later in her final manuscript. The visuals would certainly make it easier to learn and understand. 

What I liked best about the book are the learning tips that the author has included. When I started learning Tarot on my own, these tips would have sped up my learning process by leaps. I did eventually figure out some of it on my own, but I still wish that I had know them right from the start.

The book has its advantages and disadvantages. The language could have been better and the barely there information on the minor arcana is a major bummer. On the other hand the author has certainly provided more learning tips and some new spreads that does help with the learning process. So, it is a toss up for me to try and decide whether I should recommend it to readers or not. 

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