05 July, 2022

#BookReview :: Book Lovers by Emily Henry - #Romance #Humour @librofm @PRHAudio


“Is there anything better than iced coffee and a bookstore on a sunny day? I mean, aside from hot coffee and a bookstore on a rainy day.”

I have been hearing a lot about Emily Henry in the bookish community and her book Beach Read has been on my TBR for quite a while. So, when I got the opportunity to read and review this book, I could not let it pass.

“Sometimes, even when you start with the last page and you think you know everything, a book finds a way to surprise you.”

Book Lovers, is the story of Nora Stephens who feels like she is never the heroine of her own story. And she would know, right? After all as a literary agent, books are her passion and profession and who knows more about plot, protagonists and tropes than her? So, when she and her sister head to a small town for a break, she expects a full transformation of herself during her stay because small, idyllic towns are where protagonists go to find themselves… Unfortunately for her, this particularly small town is hosting Charlie for the time being and is perhaps a bit too small to be able to handle the constant banter and chemistry between them. So, will this particular ‘book lover’ find her happily ever after or will she carve out a whole new path just for herself on which new books will be written?

“The last-page ache. The deep breath in after you’ve set the book aside.”

Nora is a girl who is mostly easy to fall in love with, especially for the readers. Who can not like a girl who is well read and can keep up in any discussion? She is career oriented, driven and does not settle for anything less than what she deserves. She does NOT adhere to the society’s norms of what a woman should be like, and that is another win in my books. But there were moments when I wished she would just show a bit more maturity. Charlie on the other hand is a total hoot. I loved that he just saw through Nora right from the beginning. Besides the protagonists, the book doesn’t offer much when it comes to supporting characters. What it lacks in characters, it makes up for in the plot, narrative and dialogues.

Julia Whelan does an admirable job as the narrator of this book. Overall, it is a light and entertaining read. While I wouldn’t say that this is a must-read, I can say that its quick and fun read.

Rounding off 3.5 Stars

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