12 August, 2022

Read an Excerpt from The Billionaire Dating Game by Robecca Austin - #Billionaire #FakeRelationship #Romance @RobeccaAustin


He craved revenge.

When Candice Harper walked into his life, she looked like a million bucks.
And sexy as hell.
But she was not the woman he’d hired to enact revenge against his ex. She was even better.

She just wanted to graduate.

One night of pretense in exchange for tuition. That was how Candice’s ill best friend convinced her to swap places on a Holidates dating App.
She was unprepared for the devastating effect billionaire Alexei Popova had on her. The cruel glimpses she caught of him as he dished out his vengeance against his ex didn’t stop her from desiring a repeat of their scorching kiss.
But he wasn't a man to toy with. When the night was over, she was glad to be done with their fake date.
For self-preservation.
Except, the joke was on her. Their contract wasn’t for one night, but an entire summer.

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Read an Excerpt from The Billionaire Dating Game

Anna propped herself onto her elbows. “Come on, Candice, when was the last time I asked you for a favor?”

“Last summer.”  She’d gone on a date for Anna with a freshman who wanted to impress his buddies. After a few drinks, the guy barfed all over her shoes—well, Anna’s shoes. If she knew she had to hold the guy’s hair back, she would have stood two feet away. Candice shuddered. Getting friend-zoned or worse, sister-zoned, wasn’t new, but it always stung.

“So I haven’t asked for a favor in forever then.”

Candice narrowed her eyes. “Let’s not forget your insistence on matchmaking.”

“You owe me,” Anna protested, falling against the bed. “And you know I wouldn’t give up a free trip if I wasn’t sick.”

Candice sighed. So she was going to bring that up. 

She owed Anna big time for helping her pay her tuition last year. She never asked where Anna got the funds and part of her was afraid to know but was grateful. The favors Anna asked for always had something to do with a guy or going on a date. What if Candice liked one of these guys? How did she explain the bait and switch routine? Deception didn’t sit well at all, but she was a team player.

Candice closed the job application on her laptop and faced her friend. “What’s the favor?” Her stomach flipped as the question left her mouth. She didn’t like this one bit, but how could she say no?

Anna grinned. “It’s a date.”

Candice groaned. “Anything but that.” Last year Anna got it into her head to use a high-end dating app, except she wasn’t using it to find the love of her life. She was using it to be a rich guy's perfect date.

“It’s not that bad, I promise, and this isn’t even the same app!”

Candice grunted. Nothing so far sounded appealing.

“The players are much bigger…richer too.”

So, that’s how Anna afforded the expensive wardrobe and fancy lifestyle. “I don’t know. I need to look for work or I’ll have to postpone graduating for another semester.” She couldn’t come up with deposits for a new apartment and pay for school.

Anne pulled her phone from her back pocket, her fingers rapidly moved over the keys.

“What are you doing?”

“I received a deposit when I accepted the date. I’m putting half into your student account.”

“No!” She lunged, snatching the phone as Anna said, “Done.” “Please tell me you didn’t rent me out as though I was a bed and breakfast?”

About the Author:

Robecca Austin is the author of happy ever after romance stories. She enjoys crafting tales of sassy heroines and alpha heroes that have a soft center.
She writes historical romance and billionaire romance stories.
You can find her outside enjoying nature and lots of sunshine when there are no bugs. When she's not writing her next novel, she's busy battling Cystic Fibrosis and hugging family. She lives and works in Canada.

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