10 February, 2012

#BookReview :: The Postcard Killers by James Patterson

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After a gap of quite a few months I finally managed to get my hands on this James Patterson novel. I was originally introduced to James Patterson Novels by the Movie 'Along Came a Spider' based on the novel of the same name. I was so impressed by the plot, that I simply had to read the novel. Ever since I am hooked onto James Patterson and specially Alex Cross.

The novel follows the journey of its protagonist, Jacob Kanon, a NYPD Homicide Detective. Jacob is dragged into the trail of a serial killer when they murder his daughter and son-in-law in Rome. Ever since he follows the trail left behind and makes it his life's mission to catch the killers. When the killers send a post card to a Swedish journalist, Dessie Larsson, the two team up to see the case through that takes them across the borders. 

Jacob Kanon had a one track mind throughout the novel. His only concern is to catch the people responsible for his daughters death, no matter what. He has some good connections from the past who provide him with important information and he himself does some good sleuth work. However, I personally thought that he lacked the charisma and certain 'x-factor' that we expect from our protagonist.

Dessie Larsson is a small time journalist, who wants to do good and quality work. She doesn't care much about making the headlines or being famous. She works in a male dominated work place and strives to do her best. Also, she had some background in psychology that helped her immensely in this case. She was able to connect and solve a lot of things that Jacob and the Swedish Police missed. In fact, I found her character to be more of what we expect from our protagonists than Jacob.

The book is filled with gruesome murder details and a lot of blood. Its not really one of Patterson's best work. But it is worth reading...