29 May, 2012

#GuestPost & #Giveaway: Bloodlines by Lindsay Anne Kendal

Hi everyone,

Thank you for having me here today, it’s great.

After toying with a few ideas of what to talk about, I thought I’d answer a question that a lot of people ask me. That is... Are you really that dark? Are you as dark as your books?

I myself am very dark, morbid, but happy. I love all things gothic, weird, supernatural. I have always had an interest in the darker side of things. For example – For years I’ve wanted to try and get my hands on a very old witchcraft books. You know the sort you hear about that are handwritten and full of secrets. Some people say they don’t exist, but I believe differently. I wouldn’t want the white magic ones, all full of love spells and healing rituals and the like. I want the deepest, blackest, most extreme black magic book I can find, and if anyone is wondering...

Would I play with it? Oh yes!

Would I be scared? Not really, nothing scares me to be honest, so I’d have to say I would be more intrigued than frightened.

Would you run if something happened? No! What’s the point of running from the things you want to understand? If you’re gonna run, why do it in the first place?

Would you try and summon someone or something? Definitely. I would try and summon the demon I have used in my trilogy. His name is Eligos and according to King Solomon and Religion, he is a Grand Duke of Hell. There isn’t much known about him, and I would love to find out more. He fascinates me. So much so, I actually have his demonic seal tattooed on my left shoulder blade. (Yes I’m obsessed lol).

I love everything to do with the ‘Occult’ and I have heard people have had terrible and terrifying experiences when they have played around with it. Most won’t go into details as they say it frightened them so much. I know of some who have turned to religion afterwards to try and feel safe and protected.  I have crazy beliefs so I don’t think I could do that, but I understand why these people did and I respect them for it. Everyone likes to feel safe at times.

I personally would love to experience that, maybe I’m crazy, but I wouldn’t like to be any different.

Some of my friends get a little freaked out sometimes and wonder what the hell must go on inside my head. The truth is, half the time, I don’t know. I have that many things running through my mind, all at the same time, that in the end, I give up trying to explain how passionate and deeply I feel about these types of things to people.

The other thing is this, having these interests helps be write my novels. The Bloodlines Trilogy touches on demonology and black magic, and I had great fun learning and researching everything about it. I could never change, not even if I wanted to, therefore, this will be the genre I write for the rest of my life.

Anyway, I’m going to stop freaking people out now lol. I hope this allows people to see another side of me, and I hope what I’ve said makes sense.

Happy reading!

Bloodlines (Bloodlines #1) : Keira Jameson used to lead a normal life, she just had a gift, passed down through the generations of her family. Now, after hearing voices, having strange dreams of others calling out to her, and her grandfather's last words haunting her, she sets out to find other families like hers. Along with her best friend Lily, the only person outside her family to know about her gift, Keira begins a hunt for her ancestors. A chance meeting with a young man, Lucian Turner, sets them on the right track, but their discoveries change the way Keira will see herself for ever more. Fear, superstition and heritage are shaping Keira's future and she must face her enemies, even if this could mean losing her life. She cannot escape her destiny.

Torment (Bloodlines #2) : In this second gripping instalment of the Bloodlines trilogy Keira and her friends – Lily, Lucian, Tyler, Jake and Danny – continue to try and understand their elemental powers, and protect themselves from their enemies, whose ultimate goal is to destroy them. This time, the stakes are higher – what seems to be a demon rebellion has broken out in hell and the Earth is plunged into chaos. Their problem is, no one – not even Lucifer himself – knows who the rebel leader is. It seems only Keira, her frightened but determined friends, and a new ally – a demon named Eligos - can find out who this person or thing is, why they are suddenly causing so much bloodshed, pain and upset for everyone, and destroy them.

Revelations (Bloodlines #3) : In this final instalment of the Bloodlines trilogy, Keira and her friends face their toughest battles yet. Not only with the ones they believe have set out to destroy them, but also with themselves and each other. A shock revelation throws the group into confusion, torn between what each of them think is right and wrong. Keira now has to make a hard choice – does she stay with the people she loves, and fight with them – Or does she leave them, join forces with the person they originally thought was heartless, cold and brutal, but in fact, is doing something she actually agrees with. Something that could benefit and comfort almost every person who has ever lived. Revelations will take you to a place you never could have imagined existed. Heart-wrenching passion, death-defying friendship, treachery and pain, mixed with extreme battles, powerful magic and self-belief, make for an unbelievable climax that will stay with you until the end of time.


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  1. I think checking out a spell book would be pretty cool and intense! I don't know if I'd play with it though. Maybe a white magic one to help people, but nothing too crazy. I'd like to just learn more about stuff.

  2. Very intense post! I like the sound of these books, even if I wouldn't be able to sleep at night (Salem's Lot kept me up so what the heck:)! Best of luck to Linsay! Great promo as always Debdatta:)

    Paul R Hewlett

  3. I am very intrigued by these books and will be looking up more. Thank you for taking the time to share with us today and for the lovely giveaway opportunity.

  4. So excited about this giveaway, and I love your blog. Thank you x