13 May, 2012

Guest Post: Laura Chatwin

I am Laura Chatwin. I have been writing pretty much since I learned my ABC’s. Whenever someone says to me, “Oh, you like to write.”

I always tell them. “Yes, it is a very expensive habit.” – As if I am addicted to creating stories. (Shh, don’t tell anyone. It is true.)

At work, I get strange looks, from my co-worker, when I start scribbling notes of thoughts I don’t want to forget, on my arm in black sharpie.

Just this morning, she shook her finger at me with a tsk. “Didn’t your mom ever tell you not to write on yourself?”

I only blushed, pulling my arm in closer, and looking one way and then the other, and quickly finished. I came home looking like I had a full tattooed sleeve.

I have always lived in small little towns in the Rocky Mountains, similar to Montgomery County, the setting for all my books.

I love to wonder off the beaten path to find some quiet place to think or write, a serene lake, or a hike in the desert. However, the best place is a breezy little meadow up in the mountains that is next to a river. It is nestled among aspens that seem to shimmer and dance with the gentle wind.

I have been going stir-crazy waiting for the snow to melt. Finally, it has. I have been up there several times in the last week and a half.

When I go up there to write almost nothing gets between me and my pad of paper. I say almost nothing, because this weekend I was up there, and literally had to tiptoe away from a moose. I was very stealthy as I snuck through the trees. Flip-flops are not the best things to run from a moose in. So, regretting my decision not to change into my Nike’s in the car, I held out the sticks of firewood I’d gathered, like fierce moose battering weapons. Very softly I retreated. This whole time I am silently praying that my Pit-Labrador won’t come out of the trees barking, behind me. She will chase anything. Up till this point, she’d been down the ravine; and was chasing some innocent little squirrel by the river.

So, with ninja like skills, I made my way back toward the campfire and car. I keep thinking, why on earth would I park a block and a half away from the firewood. Well, that’s the mountains for you – lots and lots of space.

I darted behind a large tree, shooting an untrusting look at the moose. Then scurried a few more paces to the next one. When finally, the moose had trotted out of sight, I ran as fast as my flip-flops would allow me to.

What do I find at the car? The dog. Heaven forbid she stays and protects me from a MOOSE! No, she left me in the dust.

Like I said, almost nothing will stop me from writing, so with my binoculars close at hand, I settle into my chair with my pen and paper.

Yes, okay I definitely made good use of those binoculars, but I still wrote – being nearly attacked by a moose sure sets the mood.

So many of my books have come to life, up there in those mountains, like Awakening the Curse.

It is an intriguing tale of an ancient prophecy. The lore tells of a day when the stars Zera and Mygra would align on the night of the full moon – The power in the universe would be immense. Only then, would there be enough power to destroy the evil behind a massacre. Awakening from an ancient curse, Alonia and Kael are given a second chance. Blinded by the curse Alonia and Kael are thrown into modern time. Both are unaware of the life that once was. Unknowing the day of the prophecy is growing near. Their second chance won’t last forever. It and their lives are slowly dimming. Kael and Alonia must race to fulfill the prophecy, or die when the thirteenth moon sets forever.

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  1. Love the guest post. I've also really enjoyed all of Laura's books that I've read. I plan to read Awaking the Curse soon.