14 May, 2012

#BookReview :: Familiar Ties by Naya Nikki

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This is a story about two people, their lives and their connection to each other.

Max is an author, a widower and also a single father of a 4 year old. He lost his wife to childbirth and has been raising Phoebe singlehandedly ever since. Well, almost singlehandedly. Amy, a successful designer, also almost a single mother - since her wayward boyfriend is always away chasing his own dreams in the tinsel town. They are not only best friends but also a huge lifeline for each other when it comes to raising their kids Grace and Phoebe.  They have a history too. They had dated back in college but then Max had ended up marrying Amy’s best friend Anna. Amy had been heartbroken but she never really stopped loving him. The plot covers about a week when suddenly things change… What changes, you might ask! Max and Amy finally confront their feelings for each other. But there are the kids to be considered and not to forget Jack, Amy’s boyfriend. What happens and how it happens is for you to find out.

This is really a heartwarming story not only about love, but also friendship and family. Max’s relationship with his brother & sister-in-law and Amy’s relationship with her mother and Jack - are all very different from each other. Also, the different stages of love, friendship and companionship that Amy and Max go through over the time are portrayed beautifully. Also, I liked the way the author has slowly eased us into their lives by alternating between the past & the present.

And of course Grace & Phoebe are so sweet. You can’t help but falling in love with them. Especially when Phoebe makes a ‘cheese sammitch’ for Grace, I couldn’t help but go ‘awwwww’.

Overall it is a great read so go ahead and get yourself a copy!

Review copy received from Inkspell Publishing


  1. This sounds really sweet. It might be just what I need after the darkness of the Hunger Games series.

  2. This sounds like a really awesome book! I've been lacking lots of friendship novels recently... maybe it's time to go off dystopian for a bit.

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