02 June, 2012

#BookReview :: Over the Mountain by Tony Talbot

Jenna Adams, the protagonist, is an average teenager living with her Uncle Clark in the sleepy little village of Inklesham. She is not a skinny supermodel or a super popular sort we usually come across in books and movies. Instead she is someone we all can actually identify with. She lives her life in the best way one can in a small community where everybody knows everybody, filling her time with school, friends and her Journal. Then a new family moves into town and Scott, the cute new guy at school, starts paying attention to her. Life takes a different turn for Jenna in ways that we can never imagine.

I finished reading this book quite a while back but kept on procrastinating when it came to writing the review. To say that I was in shock would be putting it lightly. Originally, the summary of the book had me thinking that this would be just another book about teenage drama and boy was I right!?! It had a lot of drama alright, but not the usual ‘Why won’t he love me?’ or ‘Nobody really understands me’ sorts. This book actually deals with a lot of serious issues.

The book is written in journal entry form. I like that because it is sometimes such a change.  Mostly it is written from Jenna’s point of view with a few entries from Uncle Clark – just to give us a look at Jenna from a different perspective other than her own. The language is simple and easy – it is like the language you or I would use while writing a journal, making it more realistic. I also love the idea that the author has incorporated into the story about the psyche of a teenager and how they react to things happening involving and/or around them. I was right along with Jenna in her life. I found it easy to like the happy Jenna, not so much with the moping Jenna and at times felt like smacking her when she was being stupid. When I finished reading the book, my first reaction was – what that’s it? Isn’t the author going to tell us more about Scott and Tim’s motives? But as I let the whole story sink in I felt as if that was the best way things could have been. I felt really sad for Uncle Clark – he is a good man. 

I would have rated this book a full 5 star hadn’t it been for a few typos I came across. But there are only a couple of them and that too nothing major to put you off the book. So, irrespective of the 4.5 Stars I am giving it, I would like to recommend this book to anyone and everyone – No matter what your reading preferences are – give this book a try. It is just 145 pages – so if you know how to read – read this book!

Review Copy received from the Author

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