21 July, 2012

Maples Rejuvenating Cocktail by Bhavna Khemlani

Meet the four protagonists – Ryan, Ria, Genelia and Miguel. Ryan with a love for photography and a past relationship is in search for answers about his parents. Ria’s world is filled with her dislike for her step-sister and intense love for dentistry. She is comfortable in her life till she meets Shawn. Genelia is a career oriented girl whose time and energy is invested in her studies and future plans. She hardly has time for anything trivial like ‘relationship’. Miguel is similar to Genelia when it comes to career and ambition. Always invested in his career, he discovers the rollercoaster ride of relationships when he meets Alysia. Each of their lives seemed to be full of questions. Different lives, different personalities, different characters and different perspectives… all come together when the protagonists are thrown together at a party. Chance meeting and some sharing of thought, ideals and experience…

The focus of the book lies in the importance of love and relationship. Whether be it failed relationships or new found partners or the ups and downs faced or something totally different. There are a lot of fun elements in this book since it mainly deals with the young crowd. Took me down the memory lane to my college days and the beginning of my career  [well its not very far down for me! Still feels good to revisit those days every now and then.] The thought behind the book is really good and so is the plot. But I found it difficult to read because of the language. Plus there are a lot of pointless characters which made it extremely difficult to keep track of the more important ones.


  1. Thankful that I actually won a copy because I was very disappointed with this book - I couldn't get pass the first 10 pages - very unusual for me - I thought it was either badly written or translated

  2. I have read many translated books that are a bit "rough" by our standards, and usually don't mind that...but your comment about all of the extraneous characters and the difficulty of keeping track of them, will probably make me avoid this one.. :(