20 July, 2012

#Review :: The Mayfair Moon by J.A. Redmerski

With an alcoholic and abusive father and childishly needy mother, Alex and Adria are sisters who are pretty much used to taking care of themselves. Though they are very different from each other, they are very close to each other and always stick together. Their life with their dysfunctional family is pretty much disrupted when one evening they witness a werewolf fight. While Alex protects Adria and takes on the effects of the fight, things change for them. The child services get involved and send the sisters off to live with their uncle in Maine.  Once there, Adria is happy to be a part of a normal and happy family, Alex changes. The sisters drift apart as Alex is mostly moody and stays locked up in her room. Then Adria meets Isaac Mayfair, who has his share of secrets too.

This is an amazingly refreshing werewolf story. There are a lot of new aspects that makes it different from the werewolf stories that I have read so far.  Besides the tale in itself, the relationships portrayed in this book are also quite refreshing. The chemistry between Adria & Isaac is really awesome. The background, the setting is also perfect for the story. The dark and eerie feeling that crawls upon the readers is really great – it almost gave me goose bumps. There is also this amazing twist that literally caught me with my jaws hanging open!! All in all, this is a well-balanced and very enjoyable paranormal story that is a treat to all paranoemal / YA lovers.

Oh yes, this is definitely a Must Read!


  1. OMG i really love the cover !!
    i bought from amazon last week...i can't wait to read it...:)

  2. I loved this story it was so awesome :D Can't wait to read Kindred!!!

  3. sounds awesome, i should read it!