20 August, 2012

#BlogHop : What do you look for in a review?

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Today we, Bloggers, authors, reviewers and readers, will answer another burning question:

What do you look for in a review?

The thing is that I often read the reviews for a book before I buy it because once I buy a book, it becomes a permanent part of my own collection because I never trade / sale / giveaway any of my books. Also, I would hate to end up with spending money on a book that I would hate or couldn’t even finish reading.

And well, I look for anything & everything about a book in the review – except maybe spoilers! I look for a little feedback regarding the plot, the characters & the author’s writing style. Most of the reviews do tell me whether I am going to like the plot or not and if the book has strong-loveable characters – which is a must for me.

I look through the positive reviews and I look through the negative reviews as well because “what’s one man’s trash is another’s treasure”. I have often come across reviews from people who say that the plot is too complex. Oh well! That’s what I love the most in a mystery / thriller book - complex plot to keep me guessing the turn of events. Then again sometimes I come across comments about how good the romance or ‘the moments’ were in the book. That’s when I give a book a second thought – romance is good – but I hate sappy moments with people making gooey eyes and saying cheesy dialogues!!

A review should also have something about the author’s style of writing. This is mostly because sometimes a good plot & characters may not be justified by the author’s style of writing. On the other hand I have experienced average plot & characters made into something special only because an author’s hold over words. I look for some comments on this particularly specially when I am about to try out a new author’s books.

That's about it for me. What do you guys look for in a review? Do you read the negetive reviews with hopes of taking something positive from them?


  1. I loooove a good complex mystery :) If you can't guess who "did it" until the very end...and then are totally surprised and think, dang it I should have known...it's perfect!

    The Brunette Librarian Blog

  2. I'm so with you on both the spoilers and the 'one man's trash' - loved your post!

  3. Love this blog post so I decided to participate. Thanks for posting it!
    I've never really thought of the author's style of writing. Either the book is good or bad for me but I can see where indie authors can make me think about the way the author is writing or if the author writes way too detailed.