22 August, 2012

SPECIAL FEATURE :: Character Interviews

*** SPECIAL FEATURE - August'12 ***

This month we have Emlyn Chand as our Special Feature Author.  Here's a Recap of the Features so far...
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Click Here : for a recap on Excerpt, Fun Facts, FAQs & Character Quiz from Farsighted
Click Here : for a recap on Excerpt, Fun Facts, & Full first Chapter from Open Heart

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This week we have a lot of Fun Stuff. We have Emlyn's Playlist for Open Heart, the Characters answering "This or That" Questions and "Who is your Open Heart Boyfriend Quiz". Also, Do not Forget to enter the Giveaway for a chance to win copies of Farsighted & Open Heart!

A lot of the readers' wanted to know whether the Emlyn listens to music while writing. So here's the PLAYLIST for Open Heart.

Now time for "This or That". Read on to know more about the characters' choices. Here's what they had to say:

Nintendo DS or Game boy?
Um, I’m… blind. I can’t really use either.
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
Harry Potter, I think. I don’t know for sure since my parents keep getting me audiobooks and braille books that represent my “proud Greek heritage.”
Amazing Race or Survivor?
I’ve seen both shows a couple times. Survivor works better without the visual end since there are fewer people to keep track of.
Batman or Spiderman?
Spiderman—that guy and I have quite a bit in common. With great power comes great responsibility.
Die Hard or Terminator?
The Terminator, for sure. I wish I was all strong and powerful like that, but no, I can see the future. Big freaking deal…


Vampire or Werewolf? 
Um, I’m not quite sure why you’re asking this question. Both are scary, but I guess I’ll choose werewolf. Werewolves are part human, at least, so in theory, I should be able to control them with my clairsentience… and not become dinner.
Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia? 
Harry Potter, since it’s what everyone’s reading these days.
MasterChef or Top Chef? 
Neither. Why would I watch something that would make me hungry and possibly cause me to be bad and allow myself to eat? No.
Moment of Truth or Family Feud? 
I don’t care for Moment of Truth, so Family Feud.
Jack Sparrow or Willy Wonka or Mad Hatter? 
Not, Willy Wonka. I can’t have candy, or I will get too fat. I kind of like Jack Sparrow. He’s a good-looking pirate.

 Vampire or Werewolf?
Vampire! I have a way with the undead, you know.
Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia?
Oh, Daddy used to read me Chronicles of Narnia when I was a little girl!
MasterChef or Top Chef?
Any chef is a good chef—especially if they can make a nice gumbo or jambalaya.
Moment of Truth or Family Feud?
Moment of Truth is scary, but necessary. What’s the point of living in the dark—and are you really living at all?
Jack Sparrow or Willy Wonka or Mad Hatter?
Willy Wonka, tra la la la! Oh, I’d have so much fun in his factory. I’d dive head first into the chocolate lake and do a few laps!

 Nintendo DS or Game boy? 
I don’t need those things. I’ve got my iPhone and my X-Box 360 and my PlayStation 3. But I don’t play games that much, not like those loser kids who have nothing better to do.
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? 
Um, aren’t those both geek movies. No, thanks.
Amazing Race or Survivor?
Survivor, because the chicks wear less clothing, and some of them are pretty hot.
Batman or Spiderman? 
I’ll pick Superman, because he’s the most like me. Batman and Spiderman are both losers next to Superman.
Die Hard or Terminator? 
Die Hard. A much better movie series.

Nintendo DS or Game boy? 
My little sister had a DS and was always playing pony games. I never got into it. I’ve always preferred books for my hand-held entertainment.
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? 
Lord of the Rings. It’s a classic with far deeper themes than Harry Potter, and without Tolkien, Rowling wouldn’t exist.
Amazing Race or Survivor? 
Amazing Race. I’d love to travel the world, and let’s face it, I’m smart enough to come out on top. It would be nice to win my own cash rather than having to rely on father’s.
Batman or Spiderman? 
Batman. He’s a hero by design, not accident.
Die Hard or Terminator? 
I don’t care for action movies. I’d rather watch something with more depth.

Now Girls! Here's your chance to find out who would be your ideal Open Heart Boyfriend. [ You can also take the “Which Farsighted character are you?”]
1. Which of the following is most important in a good boyfriend?
a. A caring nature
b. Smoking good looks
c. A sense of humor
d. Understanding

2. Which of the following characteristics would annoy you LEAST?
a. Clinginess
b. Superficiality
c. Over-talkativeness
d. Elusiveness

3. If a guy wanted to sweep me off my feet, he’d have to…
a. Do the whole knight-in-shining armor thing
b. Flex a finely toned bicep
c. Learn about my interests and do something special for *me*
d. Make an unforgettable, completely over-the-top romantic gesture

4. What do you find most attractive?
a. A strong jawline and a tall stature
b. Blonde hair; six pack abs
c. Red hair and a spritely build
d. Dark hair, light skin, high fashion

5. And how does your dream guy dress?
a. In khakis and flannel, he’s got an outdoorsy vibe
b. In athletic wear, he’s got a sporty vibe
c. In standard jeans and t-shirt, he doesn’t try too hard
d. Always a dress shirt and tie—no matter what the occasion

6. You have a hobby you know your guy hates. Would you rather he…?
a. Merrily tag along and make the best of it
b. Do it as long as you plan to do a little something-something in return
c. Join if you ask him to, but not force himself along
d. Suggest another activity that’s better suited to both your interests

7. Some other guy makes a crude pass at you—oh no! Would you rather your guy…?
a. Beat the crud out of him, your honor is worth defending
b. Say something along the lines of, “Yeah, she’s hot, but she’s mine!”
c. Ignore the usurper and remind you how great he thinks you are
d. Laugh it off, and say, “How does a guy like that think he stands a chance?”

Time to get your quiz results
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Did you get mostly Cs? Click here.
Did you get mostly Ds? Click here.

  • Did you have a tie? Pick whichever letter comes first in the alphabet and click above to see your result.

Whoa! That was Fun! There are some awesome songs on the PLAYLIST!! What did you think of the 'This or That' Choices? Did you take the Test? Let us know who is your Open Heart Boyfriend in the comments section.

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Now for the most amazing news! The Giveaway! Ms.Emlyn has very kindly agreed to Giveaway - One Winner will win Signed copies of Farsighted & Open Heart! Yay!! This is so exciting, I wish I could enter this myself... What are you waiting for??? Go Enter NOW!!

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