06 September, 2012

#BookReview :: XO (Kathryn Dance #3) by Jeffery Deaver

Kayleigh Towne is gorgeous with a voice that is taking her to the heights of the country pop charts. Her hit single “Your Shadow” puts her happily in the spotlight, until an innocent exchange with one of her fans leads Kayleigh into a dark and terrifying realm. The fan warns, “I’m coming for you,” and soon accidents happen and people close to Kayleigh die. Special Agent Kathryn Dance must use her considerable skills at investigation and body language analysis to stop the stalker—but before long she learns that, like many celebrities, Kayleigh has more than just one fan with a mission. 

Kayleigh Towne is a rising country pop star. She is gorgeous and she is talented. Her single ‘Your shadow’ has put her under the spotlight of the world – just like she wanted. But it also brings her into the focus of a crazy stalker. Her standard signature ‘XO’ means a bit more than what it is to a particular fan. At her concert the fan warns her that he is coming for her and soon accidents and deaths surround Kayleigh. Luckily Kayleigh has a friend, Kathryn Dance, she can turn to. Kathryn, who is a special agent with a talent for kinesics, is brought into this world of glamour. Kathryn quickly realizes that everyone wants a piece of the celebrity in question. Will she be able to stop the perpetrator before it is too late?

To be frank, this review may be a bit biased because I am a HUGE fan of Deaver’s work. I was introduced to his books when I watched the movie ‘The Bone Collector’ and went on to read the novel. Since then I have read about 3 more books and I could go on and on about them. So needless to say, I was ecstatic when I opened my prize pack and found ‘XO’ as one of the books I had won.

This is the third book of Kathryn Dance but the first that I have read. So, for me this was an introduction to a new lady protagonist. And what a lady she is! Kathryn Dance is a Special Agent with the California Bureau of Investigation. She is an expert in Kinesics and thus is an expert interrogator. Her detection skills are just as good and she can give anyone a run for their money. I just loved her! Kayleigh is a talented singer and is the daughter of another country music legend. Her good looks are an added advantage for her. But not everything is what it seems to be on the surface. She has a deep secret of her own. And Edwin Sharp is a stalker, or no he is not, yea he has to be the one, no may not… Yes I can be devious too; did you all really think that I would give you any spoilers?

Jeffery Deaver has his own style of writing that is bound to take you on the greatest rollercoaster ride. As a mystery lover, I know that the answer is anything but the most obvious choice and as a Deaver fan I know that there are going to be number of twists before you actually find out the truth. Yet, Deaver always takes me for the most amazing ride. This book was no exception. His language is impeccable and the story is fast paced. At no point did I feel that ‘nothing is happening’.

This is a must read for all Suspense/Thriller Fans.

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  1. deaver is my fav author :)
    you MUST read kathryn's first book.