19 February, 2013

#Spotlight :: The Last Sunset by Bob Atkinson

The year… 1746.

Around Fort William, the Scottish Highlanders are in revolt and the Redcoats are coming…

Suddenly… time shifts… people from different eras are dumped at this one turning point in history.

In the future, Nuclear Armageddon has caused this powerful blast through time, but why?

Can history be changed?

Or is the future doomed to witness… The Last Sunset?

Raves & Reviews
“The characters are well written, I greatly enjoyed seeing them grow.”
Teresa H. Garcia  on Amazon

“Comes very highly recommended, a book that is hard to put down, one of my favourites!!”
Diane on Amazon

“I stand in awe at the author's ability to weave a riveting story of different time frames, languages and characters.”
Dianne Harman on Amazon

"This is a real page turner. Now, I'm not one to use the whole 'couldn't put it down' phrase - I can put any book down. But I can tell you when I did set this one on the table, I was looking forward to coming back."
Thomas Ryder on Goodreads

"This story is unique and powerful and you will spend the rest of the day thinking about it once you close the back cover!"
Brandy Corona on Goodreads

5 Little known Facts
Midway through writing the book, I found that I couldn’t get one of the characters to act in the way that the story required. He had simply developed beyond my control.  In the end I had to take the story in a different direction, simply to accommodate him. As it turned out, it was to the benefit of the book

I had always intended to include two American characters in the tale, to create a much needed outsider’s view of events. On the first trip to America of my wife and I, our tour bus guide was called Sam. Shawnee was just a beautiful sounding name we picked up while we were over there.

Contrary to what many readers think, there really is a Glen Laragain, situated exactly as stated in the book.

During a ceilidh scene one of the characters sings an old Gaelic love song from the Isle Of Barra. When writing this scene I had in mind a 400 year old song called  Maideanan Na h-Airdidh. The best version I know is by the Gaelic folk band Capercaillie.

Before the book was released my publisher and I were worried that the inclusion of Gaelic words and phrases in the story might be off-putting, particularly to American readers. In fact the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Some have even said that they appreciate having a story which has not been ‘dumbed down’ for their benefit.

About the Author
I was born and raised in Fort William, in the Scottish Highlands. At the age of seventeen the age old curse of the Highlands, lack of work and opportunity, led me to follow the same military path taken by many of my predecessors.
While serving with the army in Northern Ireland I met my future wife; the lovely and diminutive Ruby, inspiration for at least one of the female characters in The Last Sunset.
After leaving the army I moved to Belfast, where together Ruby and I lived through many of the worst years of the Troubles.
Eventually, very much the worse for wear, we brought our young family of three home to the Highlands.
The lochs, hills and glens are like balm to the soul, and have inspired storytellers for as long as people have lived in these glens.
The Last Sunset is simply the latest in a long line of tales inspired by this ancient land.
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