29 September, 2013

#SpecialFeature :: #CoverReveal - My Friend Sue by Cara Rosalie Olsen

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*** SPECIAL FEATURE - September'13 ***

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My Friend Sue by Cara Rosalie Olsen

It’s Valentine's Day. Raegan Delaney Morrison is eagerly preparing to give her ten year-old heart away, in the form of pink and red construction paper, Elmer’s glue, and a sequin for every thought she’s ever had about Christopher; he is the boy next door, and he’s been Raegan’s best friend since they were old enough to grab sand and make a meal of it.

Confidently, Raegan declares her love, certain Christopher must feel what she feels: tingles in his toes, butterflies in his stomach, and this magnificent all over sickness that sort of feels like the flu. And Raegan knows that once their ardency is out in the open, the sooner they can get to the good stuff: holding hands at school, sharing pudding, discussing who they’ll invite to their zoo-themed wedding . . . there’s only one small problem.

When does anything in life ever go according to plan?

A bewildered Raegan is left to confront the first of—what will inevitably be many—life’s cruelties. But perhaps not all on her own.

When Raegan meets Sue for the first time, she doesn’t comprehend the rarity sitting before her, disguised in dirty flesh and bones; all she knows for certain is there is something very different about Sue. What appears to be written and resolute to minds awakened by judgment, remains clean and potential to a child’s uncluttered eyes. Raegan is drawn to Sue; into her world without walls.

~ In My Friend Sue, Cara Rosalie Olsen introduces a rare and happenstance friendship between two unlikely people, weaving their respective lives through the thick and threadbare of life’s colorful tapestry. What happens on this abiding journey demonstrates an exquisite and peculiar mystery: how in overcoming the daily obstacle to survive the world with your heart intact, two people can become inseparable, form a bond so strong it becomes the stuff of legends. This story is about friendship, Sue’s and Raegan’s.

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