01 October, 2013

#SpecialFeature :: Introducing #Author Timothy Jay Smith

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Now Presenting:
*** SPECIAL FEATURE - October'13 ***

About the Author
Timothy Jay Smith lived in Jerusalem for two and a half years during the rollout of the post Oslo peace process, assisting Palestinian businesses regain market access. Raised crisscrossing America pulling a small green trailer behind the family car, Smith developed a ceaseless wanderlust leading to an international career that has seen him smuggle banned plays from behind the Iron Curtain, maneuver through war zones, and stow away aboard a “devil’s barge” for a three day ocean crossing that landed him in an African jail. Smith's awards include the Paris Prize for Fiction, and the Stanley Drama Award. 

His Books

Publisher: Owl Canyon Press
Release: October 23th, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9834764-3-6

All COOPER CHANCE wants is to go home. But the acutely claustrophobic US Army sharpshooter and deserter cannot, knowing he’ll be jailed. Through necessity, he becomes a mercenary in Africa in a gritty labyrinth of thugs, prostitutes and corrupt cops. He trades diamonds to survive and meets Sadiq, a young merchant, who is as lost in the world as he is. They fall in love, but unbeknownst to Cooper, the young man has ulterior motives.
When huge oil reserves are discovered, the CIA offers Cooper a way home without jail time if he carries out a risky high-stakes mission. Cooper balks until a teenage prostitute he promised to save is trafficked and disappears. In hopes of rescuing her, Cooper agrees to carry out the CIA’s plot with unexpected consequences.
Cooper’s Promise is a love story in the midst of the heart-wrenching world of diamond trading and human trafficking.

Release: July 2, 2013
Publisher: Owl Canyon Press
ISBN: 978-0-9834764-4-3

A terrorist threat for Easter Sunday in Jerusalem sets off a chain of events that weave together the lives of an American journalist, Israeli war hero, Palestinian farmer, and Arab-Christian grocer.
Alerted to a suicide bomb plot, Major Jakov Levy orders the border with Gaza Strip closed. Unable to get his produce to market, Amin Mousa dumps truckloads of tomatoes in a refugee camp. David Kessler, an American journalist, sees it reported on television and goes to Gaza for Amin's story. 
Hamas militants plot to smuggle a bomb out in David’s car and retrieve it when he returns home, but he’s unexpectedly detoured on the way. Meanwhile, a cell member confesses to the plot, and the race is on to find David and retrieve the bomb before the terrorists can. 
Ultimately A Vision of Angels is a story of reconciliation and hope, but not before events as tragic as a modern passion play change the lives of four families forever.

Raves & Reviews
"Literary dynamite.” - Kirkus Reviews
"Readers will quickly come to care about the characters and their story — which will linger long after the book is over.” - The Philadelphia Gay News, Suggested Reading
“It is also a novel that beneath its surface swirls with elements that become more disturbing the closer you look.” - American Chronicle, Norm Goldman of Bookpleasures.com

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  1. I wanted to let you know that "A Vision of Angels" is a finalist in Foreword Reviews' Book of the Year Award. Established in 1998, Foreword Reviews has become one of the preeminent book reviewers in the U.S. for independent publishers, and strives to introduce readers to writers who have been overlooked by The Big Six. Thanks again for being one of the first to discover Angels!