13 June, 2014

#BookReview :: Looking for Alex by Marian Dillon

They were supposed to be best friends... It's the summer of 1977, Beth and Alex did everything together. Until the day seventeen year old Alex ran away from home. A missing persons report has been filed, but Beth knows that there must be more to Alex's disappearance. So she follows Alex, to punk-era London, determined to bring her best friend back home. 

But the Alex she finds living in a Camden squat isn't the same Alex. And memories of those weeks in London haunt her to this day; falling for Fitz, her first love; tasting a new kind of freedom, and the fateful day that her parents finally tracked them down and took her away. 

Alex knew then that Beth had betrayed her trust, and disappeared once more, severing their friendship for good. And now, years later, it's time for forgotten secrets to be shared once and for all. Because after all this time, Beth's never given up on finding Alex...

This story is about two best friends Beth and Alex, their friendship and the dynamics of their relationship. 

When Alex goes missing all of a sudden one summer, Beth hopes that Alex has just run away while the whole town is left to imagine the worst. She soon follows Alex to London. But there even though she does find Alex, it is as if she actually lost her best friend because the girl she finds is not the girl she thought she knew. Though Beth continues to stay with Alex, fall for Fitz and live a different life, she eventually has to go back when her parents track her down. Now years later, a blast from the past reminds Beth of her friendship and that she truly never gave up on ‘finding’ Alex.

This is a full on emotional drama that touches the reader’s heart. Beth never really gets over losing her best friend and lives her life in the shadow of her missing best friend. She keeps her friend’s secret for the longest of times, but in the end it is apparent that Beth was more of a friend to Alex than the other way round. As the narration takes us to and back from that particular summer to the present, a lot is revealed slowly over the period of time. While we become really close to Beth, Alex remains more of a mystery and I would have loved to hear more about her. 

Overall, it was a pretty interesting read!

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