11 June, 2014

#BookReview :: Whole Latte Love by Rachelle Ayala

Investment banking intern Carina Chen doesn’t need any distractions - especially the sexy, guitar-playing barista she rooms with for the summer.
Free spirit Dylan Jewell appreciates the delightful universe of women who vie for his attention. His goal in life is to do good, make happy coffee, and help the homeless.
When Carina moves in, she insists on rules of conduct to quell her instant attraction to Dylan. But when her boss asks her to turn Dylan into a businessman, she can’t think of a reason not to take advantage of his hospitality.
Their chemistry is white hot, but Dylan refuses to play Carina’s game, unable to understand how he can fall in love with a woman who puts profits in front of people. When Carina realizes Dylan isn’t budging, she risks all to gain a single night with him. Will her gambit backfire or will Dylan discover Carina’s true heart before she runs away with his?
Set in Berkeley, California, Whole Latte Love is an opposites-attract romance mixing bluesy rock music, hot, steamy love scenes, and financial shenanigans.

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Carina Chen is young, smart, career oriented investment banking professional. When apartment hunting for the summer internship, she comes across Dylan Jewell, a handsome and charismatic barista. At first Carina tries to avoid and ignore Dylan and the attraction she feels for him as she just doesn’t need a distraction. When her boss asks her to spy on Dylan and influence his decisions in exchange for position in the company, she faces a dilemma… Dylan on the other hand finds himself attracted to this Asian girl in a way that calls for forever. But what will happen when he finds out that she has been spying on behalf of his ex-girlfriend? Will they fall apart or will they eventually find their ways to each other for their happily ever after?

Dylan Jewell is a hottie and he knows it. However that doesn’t stop him from following his heart in music business and helping the homeless apart from his job as a barista. I had to admire Dylan for taking the less conventional road and following his heart. It would have been easy for him to join his father’s firm and put his degree to some use. Instead he chooses to struggle as a barista and a part time musician. It takes strength to not choose the comfortable life and high paying job to go follow a dream. Carina Chen is a sweet and ambitious girl who wants to make a mark on the investment banking industry. Meeting Dylan changes her perspective on life. She realizes that a person working as a barista is not essentially less ambitious. She is taken into Dylan’s world and finds it liberating in way. Yet it doesn’t affect her own ambitions. The plot, while quite straightforward, brings in different flavours. There’s love, betrayal and drama to keep you hooked onto the pages. The author’s style of writing is simple and inviting. She narrates the stories in a way that makes you think that she is specially narrating it for you. 

I want some of that Latte Love for myself!

Rachelle Ayala is the author of dramatic fiction crossing genres and boundaries featuring strong but flawed characters. She writes emotionally challenging stories and is not afraid of controversial topics. However, she is an optimist and laces her stories with romance and hope.
Rachelle is an active member of online critique group, Critique Circle, an active member of the California Writer’s Club, Fremont Chapter, and a volunteer for the World Literary Cafe. She is a very happy woman and lives in California with her husband. She has three children and has taught violin and made mountain dulcimers.

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