02 August, 2014

#BookReview :: Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales by Randy Singer

Landon Reed is an ex-quarterback convicted of organizing a points-shaving scheme. During his time in prison, he found forgiveness and faith and earned his law degree. Now he longs for an opportunity to prove his loyalty and worth. "Be careful what you ask for." 
Harry McNaughton is one of the founding partners of McNaughton & Clay--and the only lawyer willing to take a chance employing an ex-con-turned-lawyer. Though Landon initially questions Harry's ethics and methods, it's clear the crusty old lawyer has one of the most brilliant legal minds Landon has ever encountered. 
The two dive into preparing a defense for one of the highest-profile murder trials Virginia Beach has seen in decades when Harry is gunned down in what appears to be a random mugging. Then two more lawyers are killed when the firm's private jet crashes. Authorities suspect someone has a vendetta against McNaughton & Clay, leaving Landon and the remaining partner as the final targets. 
As Landon struggles to keep the firm together, he can't help but wonder, is the plot related to a shady case from McNaughton & Clay's past, or to the murder trial he's neck-deep in now? And will he survive long enough to find out?

Dead lawyers may not tell any tales, but I found the title of the book quite telling.

While what seems to be open and shut case, lawyers associated with it are dropping dead like flies. And amidst it all is our protagonist, Landon, a lawyer with a not so clean record and with an unusual mentor. With a prison record, an upcoming reporter for a wife and a baby girl, Landon has more to lose than anyone. After losing his mentor to the case, Landon is more determined to solve this case before not only he loses in the courtroom and his marriage. But is his skill and determination enough or will he be the next on the list of dead lawyers?

The story starts with a surprise and holds on to that element till the very end. A gripping tale told gracefully, this is certainly a page turner. While I was able to guess a few of the aspects, but the author had more shockers in store. The fast pace and the intriguing quality of the plot are enough to keep a hold on any reader. To top that off was the character of our protagonist, Landon. I really enjoyed reading about him. What with his seedy past, people would really underestimate the guy. The imperfect shades of his character make him all too more real to the readers, because really, who in real life is perfect? Also, when his wife Kerri is thrown into the mix, things get more interesting as Landon is not only pitted against another in the court but also at home since Kerri is an reporter who needs the scoop. 

Overall, an interesting read where the pages just fly by.

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