02 August, 2014

#Spotlight :: Beckoning Heat by Tia Greene


Welded with a love for firearms and an insatiable hunger for retribution, Maxus Manning hunted the beasts that preyed on females. But when his latest mission involved a young woman whose lovely attributes fires his own blood, Max finds himself wanting nothing more than to turn beast, himself. 
His polar opposite, Marina Knightly, oozed with charm and sweet innocence, turning his sinister world upside down. Would the girl of his dreams accept him as he is or will his vengeance be his downfall?

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Excerpt - 1

It took a lot of restraint trying not to ogle her nakedness when he removed his coat. But her loveliness won over. She had some body. He scooped her up and marched to the bathroom, shaking his head and muttering about how in God’s name he suddenly became such a pervert. He had to get her to wake from the drug. The sooner her head was clear, the better it would be—for the both of them. It seemed as though the greater forces above were testing his strength by dropping a very gorgeous, very naked and very horny woman, whom he was not allowed to touch, right into his lap. How was that just? He deserved a fucking medal.
“In the shower you go.” He let her go slowly to test if her legs could handle her weight and when she remained standing, albeit a little hunched over, hugging herself, he took a step back. Nice ass. Max was beginning to think he was going nuts. For all he knew she could be ten. One could never tell with girls these days. He averted his gaze. 
“Just a few more minutes,” he said. 
Apparently, she didn’t agree. Turning back to face him, she toddled forward and burrowed into his chest, her arms still wrapped around herself. She shook. Max turned off the water and reached for a towel, one she quickly turned into a cocoon. 
“So cold.”
“I know. Here,” he said, placing her more gently onto the bed this time. He pulled the covers over her, tucking the edge under her chin. “Go to sleep.”  
“Help me.”
“You’re going to have to sleep it off.”
“Please, help me.”
“I am, lady!”
The covers came off before he could step back, and the towel followed. All this done with her eyes closed. Finally, when she was swathed in nothing but her heavy breath, she shuddered. Then, like a goddess’s ritual to reduce sane men to something akin to a pack of wolves during mating season, the writhing began once again.

Excerpt -2

It might have been a figment of his imagination, but it looked like her pretty brown eyes lighted up for a split second. Then came a slow smile—the kind that took his breath away, replacing the tightness in his chest with kid-like excitement when they saw candy. His heart drummed.
At the most inopportune time, their waiter returned, handing out dessert menus. Max could have beaten him unconscious.
Marina lowered her eyes to the black, leather bound menu. “Anything look good?”
“Yes,” he blurted. Well, shit. 
She glanced up at him through the flutter of her lashes, waiting for him to elaborate. Max simply examined her like a delicious confection he wanted to devour. 
“Stop it, Max,” Marina said in a low voice coupled with an adorable giggle.
He caught a glimpse of teeth as she bit her plump lip. “I actually didn’t want you to stop.”
Max was going into hype mode. She was flirting with him! “Is that right?”
A brilliant smile for a span of a heartbeat, together with a scorching gaze, and then, she said softly, “I think we should leave.” 
Whoa. It was that look. Had it came from any other woman, he knew he was about to get some. But coming from her… No, it couldn’t be. She wasn’t going to give it up over a couple meals; she’d guarded her virtue like a boss. So, then, what could those ‘come hither’ eyes mean? Man! She could really work a man up with that gaze, all warm and sultry and sexy. Max was nearly running on overheat when vivid images of that steamy night filled his head. She’d been so hot, so horny. He wanted to run his tongue over her pussy, taste her heat. No, not taste—eat. He wanted to eat her. Hell, he wanted to swallow her whole.
“When you look at me like that,” she said with a small, uncertain smile accompanied with a tilt of her head, “I never know what you’re thinking.”
And Max decided not to let her in on his nefarious ways. It was likely she’d scurry away, clutching the key to her chastity belt with an iron fist.

Release Date: Thursday, August 1st-2nd.

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