05 August, 2014

#GuestPost by Girdhar Joshi, #Author of Some Mistakes Have No Pardon by Girdhar Joshi

I started my writing journey as an author of educational books. Though I had an unassuming habit of putting the pains and pleasures of life in to paper in the form of some rhyming couplets, but as I grew into the din and bustle of life, poetry became alien to me.  Today, looking back into those phrases stuns me and I wonder how I could give birth to those couplets. Thus formal writing emerged as I put together some notes for my students on applications of information technology for retail businesses (I was guest faculty in few business schools in New Delhi), into a structured and bibliographic way and Oxford University Press thought it wise to publish the same in 2008. Appreciation by my readers boosted my ego, which coincided with a request from my publishers to write yet another book on applications of information technology in businesses. I wrote management information systems (MIS) for the students of post-graduate degree in business management, which came out in 2013. When the book was in the press and I didn’t have much to do, except to peep out to the magnificent hills and greeneries of Navi Mumbai from the window of my small office, an idea struck to me. I thought of putting together some pieces, some incidences, some episodes that I witnessed in and around, in the form of a story. Thus my first novel ‘Some Mistakes Have No Pardon’ was born.

I pick my stories from my surroundings. I believe that there is no fiction without a lot of reality and no reality without a bit of fiction. Even if the story seems to be borrowed from Moon and Jupiter, the characters, the dialogues, and the communication cannot be altogether alien. Our thought process is inspired and influenced by our daily lives, news articles, movies, and social interaction. 

As my interest in writing fiction is evolving, I feel more comfortable in taking up personal issues, matters of heart, and the jigsaw puzzle called life. My stories have a touch of mysticism and carry fragrance that touches tears, laughter, and other emotions. My stories are constructed on the ground of realism. I think that stories we write should be reliable, trustworthy and should never defy logic. Particularly in literary work, the episodes, the actions, and the transition should be smooth and convincing and not jerky, action filled, and strange logic that like in movies. 

My debut novel ‘Some Mistakes Have No Pardon’ is about life. This depicts the journey of a man from the time when he was a little chubby bubbly boy playing in the lap of his grandparents to somewhat till the mid of his life when he had attained all virtues and contacted the vices of life. His life-story is guided by some predesigned schemes which is revealed to his mother in the form of occult prophecy by the inexplicable astrologer, when he was a toddler clung to the bosom of his mother.  In the process of growing up and attaining his goals in life, he confronts many adventures, treads paths unknown, and jumps into domains unadvised. In his struggles to find love, retain peace, and enhance happiness, he commits some follies. Some of those mistakes, perhaps, don’t deserve forgiveness in the eyes of the people he values, he loves, and he ruins himself. 

This is not a fully romantic story, and this is not a deadly tragedy either. There are light moments, there is laughter, there is love, there is enlightenment, there are conflicts, there is pain, there are tears, there is solitude, there is judgment, there is punishment, and lies salvation. Therefore, this novel illustrates life in its completeness. It depends on the readers what resonates with them.

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