12 December, 2014

#BookReview :: A Cowgirl's Christmas by C.J. Carmichael

For years Callan Carrigan has been her father’s right hand man, so when her dad’s will names city slicker Court McAllister the new owner of The Circle C Ranch, Callan feels betrayed on every level. 
Then she and her sisters find their mother’s diaries, hidden from them by their father since their mother’s accidental death 18 years ago, and the shocking revelations explain a lot. Reeling, Callan seeks refuge in the local saloon, where it seems no one can reach her, until Court offers her a challenge. 
If she agrees to be foreman at the Circle C for one year, he’ll deed the ranch back to her and her sisters. The deal seems too sweet at first—until Callan realizes Court has his eyes on something she protects even more than her family’s land—her heart. 

When Callan Carrigan’s father leaves the ranch to Court McAllister, Callan is shocked to say the least. For years she had worked alongside her father to keep the ranch running smoothly and it has been her home and her life. She also discovers letters to her and her sisters from her late mother that bring news that change their worlds. While Callan fights to regain some amount of control over her life, Court lends his not only his supportive hands but also makes a proposal that could give Callan some resemblance of her old life.

I absolutely loved the characters, especially that of Callan and her sisters. They share such a cool bond and are really close and understanding. Callan emerges as this strong girl who is used to running a ranch and confident that she can continue to do so on her own after her father’s death. At the same time she has this feminine quality about her that is really attractive. Court on the other hand, at first at least, feels a little bit of an outsider. He is handsome and sexy and understanding. However, I really did not get their relationship. There wasn’t much interaction between them, let alone courtship… yet they end up in each other’s arm. For me it was like two strangers professing their love for each other. 

The plot had some twists which were a welcome change from the usual romance novels. Court’s background and Callan’s mother’s letters provided some additional depth to the book. However, the letters written by Callan’s mother felt too clinical in nature and lacked the warmth of a mother. The letters read like appointment letters rather than a letter from a mother to her children, especially with the news it delivers, one would expect some emotional words. 

C.J Carmichael is one of my favourite romance authors, but this book disappointed me a lot.

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