13 December, 2014

#BookReview :: The Doubting Heart (Heart's Desire # 2) by Brenda Gayle

When Shelby Holt convinces a friend to work at Wildhorse Pass tourist ranch, she never imagines he will die there. The police say Michael's death was accidental, but Shelby doesn't believe it. Haunted by guilt, she puts her academic career on hold to investigate. 
Just back from the Middle East, Chad Graham is guilt-ridden over Michael's death too. He poses as a ranch hand at Wildhorse Pass to investigate the woman claiming his cousin's death is suspicious. Were the police wrong? Or is Shelby hiding something?
Shelby knows she can't trust her heart, but when it comes to Chad, she can't trust her head either. He looks uncannily like Michael. Yet even as their distrust deepens, sensual attraction simmers between them. The closer Shelby and Chad get to answers—and to each other—the closer they get to danger…and to a killer who will stop at nothing to avoid discovery.

Shelby Holt convinced Michael to take up the job at Wildhorse Pass even though Michael isn’t much of a field work kind of person. So when Michael meets his untimely death there, Shelby feels guilty and swears to bring the murderer to justice. She puts up a façade in order to stay on at the Wildhorse Pass and do a little bit of investigating on her own. Chad is sceptic about his cousin’s ‘accidental’ death and Shelby’s claim of murder. He goes undercover to decide the truth for himself. The last thing he expects is to fall for Shelby, yet that’s what happens. Will Shelby be able to prove that Michael was murdered? Why are a number of accidents happening around Shelby? Will Chad be able to protect Shelby and divulge his identity and still win over Shelby?

I had read the first part of Heart’s Desire Series, The Hungry Heart, quite some time back and remember enjoying it. So when the author offered me the chance to read the remaining two books in the series, I happily accepted.

The characters in novel are vibrant and full of life. Each of them has a distinct role to play and none of them are dispensable. I loved Shelby because of her Loyalty to Michael. It’s the first quality about her that a reader notices and is one that never fades away. She is also smart and quick on her feet. She is caring and loving too. So how can one not like her? Chad shares the loyalty trait with Shelby. He is loyal to his family. He is also hot and sexy. He becomes an integral part of Shelby’s life at Wildhorse Pass and her investigation of Michael’s death. I usually do not expect a complex plot in a romance or romantic suspense novel. It is usually quite straightforward and predictable. But do not expect such from this series. There are always layers of secrets that unfold slowly to build up tension among its readers. So just when I thought that I had it figured out, the author threw something new at me. 

Overall, this books certainly makes for an entertaining read that I would recommend to all romance and romantic suspense lovers.

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