24 June, 2015

#BookReview :: Smek for President! (Smek #2) by Adam Rex

J.Lo made a gargantuan mistake and the Boov were banished from Earth. Now he is hated by them all. But certain that his fellow aliens will forgive him, J.Lo journeys to New Boovland to prove his loyalty to them. With the sharp eye and stealth of his human friend Gratuity, can J.Lo really go head-to-head for power with the supreme HighBoov Captain Smek - and win? 

This brilliant, original comic sci-fi adventure from New York Times bestselling author Adam Rex gives us more of the madcap antics and laugh-out-loud lines that we loved about The True Meaning of Smekday, the book that inspired the major motion picture HOME. 

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I watched the movie ‘Home’ couple of weeks back and received this review copy soon after. It was only after I got this book that I realized that the animated movie was based on a book. I had enjoyed the movie and so I delved into this book with much enthusiasm.

Tip and J.Lo are trying to settle back into ‘normal’ lifestyle after their ordeal in the first installment. But it is tougher than one would think. On one hand we have Tip, who now has a problem with her very loving but overbearing mother – atleast she thinks so. On the other hand, J.Lo misses his people and gets the idea that if he can explain to his people that it was a mistake on his part and that he did help save the day, he might be taken back into the fold of the Boovs. So, Tip and J.Lo take a trip to the new colony that the Boovs have set up. When they reach there, they realize that the Boovs are in the middle of an election campaign for the spot of Supreme Boov. They run into trouble (as expected) almost immediately and there starts a new adventure.

The beginning was a bit slow and I had trouble getting into it. But soon enough I was engrossed in the books. So much so, that I finished the book in one sitting. I have to admit that the accompanying artwork made the book so much more fun than it would be without them. I loved both Tip and J.Lo… on trying to come into terms with her accomplishments and her life with her mother. While the other trying to come into terms with his mistakes and the effect that it had among his people. In other words, it is almost like a coming of age novel. The humour in the book is just splendid. I laughed my way through it. No matter what your sense of humour is like, everyone will find enough laughs in the book.

Lots of fun, some chase scenes and some heart touching moments makes this book a complete entertainer.

Review Copy received from Bloomsbury India

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