05 August, 2015

#BookReview : Romantic Bouncers by Ram Vignesh

A place in the Indian cricket team – a dream for millions of teenagers. Rabin was one amongst them. He has passion and talent, but the odds aren’t always in his favour. The loss of loved ones and constant discouragements thwart him.

Meanwhile, danger looms in the form of the most notorious drug cartel in Kolkata run by a vicious Hoariest Bung.

Will Rabin dream beyond his destiny and don the Indian jersey? 

Can the Narcotics Control Bureau apprehend Hoariest Bung?

A tale of desire and despair – the struggle of a cricketer behind the glamour of playing the game for a cricket crazed nation.

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The title of the book gives you an impression that it is about cricket and romance. And then there’s the mention of a drug cartel in in the book blurb that indicates that there might be some off-field action as well. So, what impression does it create on a reader? Is it a romance or it is a thriller or is it a drama on the cricketing world? Or is it a romantic suspense? Well, for me the title and the blurb created enough curiosity for me to pick it up even though I have had way more than enough of tacky Indian romances.

Ram Vignesh was not only successful in creating the initial interest in me to pick up the book, he was also successful in keeping that interest maintained almost throughout the book. Romantic Bouncers, tell us the story of Rabin who is an aspiring cricketer. He would love to earn a coveted position on the Indian national team. As we take on his journey, we meet the people who are in his life and who revolve around his life. With cricket, romance, deaths and drama following through, the story is a complete entertainer.

The author has done a very good job of building up the various characters and with the narration of the story. The somewhat fast pace and intriguing plot keeps the pages turning till the end. While it may be predictable to the more seasoned readers, the plot was hashed out and executed well. Another thing about the book is its dialogue delivery which I did like a lot. Not following current trend of putting in too much regional slang, Ram has kept his dialogue delivery very crisp. The language used in delivering the book is pretty simple and yet more polished than a lot of recent publications.

Overall, while I am not expecting people to go over the top ga-ga about this book, I think everyone should give it a try. It is not an international standard best seller quality, but it is better than a lot of national best sellers. The author shows great promise and I would certainly be on the lookout for more books from him.

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  1. Very well thought out and detailed review by the reviewer. The story seems interesting.