11 August, 2015

#BookReview :: Lone Eagle by Alfred Dennis

Identical twins 3-year-old William and Phillip Lane, grandsons of General Horatio Lane are torn apart when their wagon train is attacked by the mighty Sioux warriors of the north. William and his sister Virginia are found by a passing army patrol but Phillip is missing. Eighteen years later at the Fort Laramie Treaty Council a close family friend sees a warrior identical in looks of William. Follow the Lane's west as a courageous family seeks the missing Phillip. Was the warrior at the council really Phillip or just an Ogallala named Lone Eagle. A great tale of romance, action and courage as the Lanes face many hardships as they search for the mighty warrior Lone Eagle.

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William and Phillip Lane, identical twins were separated when the train wagon they were travelling in was attacked by Sioux warriors. William and his sister Virginia were found and rescued by a passing army patrol but Phillip, along with their parents went missing that night and eventually presumed to be dead. William and Virginia grew up with their grandparents accepting the fact that they may never see their parents or Phillip ever again. But when years later William’s friend Preston returns from the Fort Laramie Treaty Council claiming that he was pretty sure that the warrior names Lone Eagle was in fact Phillip, they do not know what to believe. Preston, almost a family member to the Lane family convinces them finally and they take on a journey to find the brother/grandson they thought they had lost years ago.  Where will the journey take them and will they find Phillip at all?

I have to say that I have always wanted to read about the original tribes of the west. This book seemed to promise to be a bit of a cultural experience in that matter.

I absolutely loved the setting and the characters in the novel. While I personally could have done with a bit more details about the settings, the details that the author has provided works well enough in the book. There were a myriad of characters and each played their part well enough. I particularly liked the character of Virginia who showed hope the moment Preston told the family about the possibility of Phillip being alive. While Horatio and William were being cautious, and rightfully so, Virginia immediately latched on to the hope of finding her long lost brother. Then over the tenuous journey they took, Virginia really pushed on and stood out from rest of the pack. I also enjoyed how the plot was played out and could not have asked for a better ending.

However, I found it difficult to get into the story completely because of the author’s unorthodox usage of tense. I couldn’t really get into the rhythm because of the abrupt change in it at places. Other than that, this is a wonderful story that I enjoyed reading.

Review Copy received from Walnut Creek Publishing

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