09 October, 2015

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Simon never realized what was missing from his life. Wealthy, powerful and eligible - he thought he had it all. And then he met her. He fell headlong in love and surrendered himself without thinking twice, with no looking back. She was perfect and he was happy. That is, until gnawing doubts started creeping in and made him question everything he believed about her. Could his love for her survive? 

Lauren knew he was the one from the start. She gave in to him without hesitation, without reservation, body and soul. He was strong and would keep her safe from her inner ghosts. But her past haunted her and her world slowly crumbled around her. Could she ever gain back his trust?

Natalie loved him with all her heart and knew that he felt the same. He was the only man who awoke in her everything she imagined love could be. She had allowed him to sweep her off her feet. But he had lied and betrayed her, hurt her so deeply. Could she ever believe him again? 

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So, I am not much of a romance reader. I do read them from time to time for a change of pace and so this book sat on my kindle for quite some time before I decided to pick it up.

This is also the first time that I am having trouble giving a brief about the plot in fear that I might spoil it for others. Yeah, it is surprising indeed as romances are usually pretty straightforward and predictable. As a reader, I usually know what to expect from a romance book just by reading the blurb. Not so much so in this one. So, taking cue from the actual blurb of the book, all I will say about this book is that it is romantic and it is sexy!

I liked the lead characters for most part. I had a love/hate relationship with Simon. If I had met such a person in real life, I would have probably run in the opposite direction the moment I met him and would have missed out on knowing him. I also liked some of the additional characters in the book. They contributed much to the story and overall the character development in the book was probably its biggest asset. The relationship in the book was surprising me what with the constant ups and downs because of sheer stubbornness of both parties and the misunderstandings. 

The author’s writing style is simple while maintaining a level of maturity in it. The detailed narration style was engaging. I would have probably preferred a faster pace, but it doesn’t really drag at any point. The book is quite good considering the fact that this is the author’s debut novel and I hope that she turns this into a series by telling the stories of some of the other characters that appeared in this novel. They really deserve their own books.

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