21 October, 2015

#BookReview :: VoiceMates by Anamika Mishra

Tulip Hill is an obedient and intelligent daughter to her disciplinarian parents. She has been a topper throughout her school, because her parents wanted her to be. Now, they want her to enroll in one of the best colleges. But Tulip harbors the desire to become a singer, for music is her only passion that helps her see through life's miseries.

Then there is Sam - witty, easy-going and flirty. Both Tulip and Sam share their love for music. Yet, both dream of a different life.
What are those dreams? What happens when they meet and enter the biggest duet competition together? Will their love blossom during this emotional roller-coaster? 

Join the VoiceMates in their musical journey to know more!

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VoiceMates is the story of Tulip and Sam. They are born to two different backgrounds but with the same drive and aspirations. Tulip has always wanted to make her career in the music industry, but her very strict parents have different plans for her. She never had it in her to go against her parents and choose a somewhat unorthodox career path for herself. That is until she meets Sam, who convinces her to participate in the reality show called VoiceMates. What does Tulip’s future have in store for her? What will her experiences teach her? Will she be able to convince her parents of her talent and ambition?

Tulip is a sweet and innocent girl who often comes across this naïve person. But her passion for music is the one thing that shines through the book and you cannot help but cheer her and wish her loads of success. Sam on the other hand has a completely different personality from Tulip. I really did not get the feel of his character much. Sam’s character acted as a conducive agent in the book and was thus important, I wish that the author had fleshed out his character in a bit different manner that would help us understand and connect with him. The plot however surprised me. I was expecting a simple coming of age story with a bit of romance in it. But the author has plotted her book well so as to offer more to her readers. From the societal pressure to the pressure of reality tv; from choosing between two very different roads to experiencing a lot of firsts – the plot covers a lot of things. The message of ‘you win some – you lose some’ shines through and I also particularly liked the message of hope in the book.

Anamika Mishra has done a very good job of narrating the story in a way that intrigues the readers. The story does invite you in from the beginning. The reality show setting in the backdrop adds to the entertainment factor. The pace has been set perfectly. The language is simple and engaging. All in all, this book is made for a light and fun read for a lazy afternoon.

Review Copy received from the Author via The Readdicts

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