26 December, 2016

#BookReview :: Code Blue by Zvika Amit

Israel becomes a theocratic military dictatorship in a captivating suspense novel
A divorcée history professor and peace activist, Rinat Gal finds herself involved in a passionate love affair with Gavrush, a married settler. When a secret cabal conspires to change the face of the country, Rinat cannot escape the notion that she is more involved than she realized. Following a violent coup, as Israel transforms into a theocratic military dictatorship, Rinat discovers that her lover plays a leading role in the cabal and decides to take desperate actions.

A political thriller usually comes with a promise of conspiracies and action that can keep a reader engaged through out.
Code Blue is set in Israel where there is a conspiracy to bring down the current government. When the cabal takes control, our protagonists are in the dang middle of it all. On one hand we have Gavrush, a West Bank settler who brings together a group of people for the coup. On the other hand we have Rinat, Gavrush’s lover who initially has no idea how big a hand Gavrush has in the coup. Will Gavrush be able to control the country’s future? And what will Rinat do once she fully comprehends what Gavrush’s plans are?
The characters are well developed for most parts. Gavrush’s character is especially flawed and that is what makes him more human. His biggest problem is that he doesn’t see the big picture. There was something missing from the narrative style that made me re- read certain parts to ensure I was on the same page with the author. It did take away a bit from the overall reading experience. But I did like the plot which had enough action, drama and romance to keep me going.

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