23 December, 2016

#GuestPost :: No Matter What I Do, I can never stop writing! by Devanshi Sharma

About the Author:
Devanshi Sharma, 21, is an Indian author who has published three novels. Her first novel was released in 2012 and received a warm response from the young audience. Her second novel was released by the Vice President of the Film Writer’s Association and the third book, which she has co-authored, was launched by Hon. Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Dr. Raman Singh. Her fourth book is scheduled to release in the first week of December.
Devanshi has been an active speaker at public gatherings since she was in school. She has attended an international conference and presented a paper on ‘Indian Economics’ as the youngest presenter of that conference, when she was 15. She has also published a paper on ‘Indian Writing in English’ in an international journal. She has participated actively in the Literary society and Creative Writing Society of Miranda House College. In 2013, she was honoured for her academic and literary achievements by the Malva Rangmanch Samiti in Indore.
An active blogger, Devanshi is intrigued by politics and loves discussing about it. She is sensitive to social issues and is contributing her bit by starting a group named Mithaas where she spends time with kids and helps explaining them the concepts of their textbooks with a practical approach, which she believes is the best way to teach.
She is currently working with an MNC in Gurgaon. 
A firm believer in Hope, Devanshi believes in the quote; ‘If you can dream it, you better do it.’

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Excerpts from Author Interviews:
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2. ‘Dreams as a ray of hope: Devanshi’—The Chronicle, Raipur.
3. ’19 years and two books old’—Hindustan Times, 2014.
4. ‘City Girl releases her second novel’— The Times of India, 2014.
5. ‘She’s making the write choice’— DNA, 2013.
6. ‘I believe in dreaming and imagining. There will always be one character in my stories who would be an avid dreamer’— Hindustan Times, 2014.
7. ‘Devanshi’s second novel, First Love Lasts Forever launched’— Free Press, 2014.
8.  Dainik Bhaskar, Patrika, Prabhatkiran, Dainik Jagran, Dabang Duniya and Naiduniya too extensively covered the launch. 

No Matter What I Do, I can never stop writing!

“Writing is addictive; the more you write, the more you would want to write.”

It was recently when I visited a group of seventy odd students in a college and asked them, ‘What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘writing?’’

The first answer was, to express feelings; the second voice from the crowd said that it was sharing inner thoughts; and some other answers included sharing stories and feeling satisfied. I stood and smiled peacefully. These were exactly the things I was expecting them to share, after all.

Writing, for me, is photography with words. Just like a photographer captures reality with his camera, a writer captures reality with words. And that is one of the strongest reasons why readers connect with a story. To make the picture of words most interesting to readers, I believe writing about reality, with a cherry of imagination, does its work.

In fact, while I think of writing, I see it as a cake. It was just yesterday that I was baking a delicious chocolate cake for the first time and I realised that it couldn’t be baked without battering flour, sugar and butter. Similar to that, a story cannot be complete with battering hard work, innovation and zeal. Just like flour, hard work is the base of anything that would take you closer to success; just like sugar, innovation makes a story tastier and interesting; and just like butter, zeal keeps the process of battering going. Lastly, the cake is to be put inside the oven, in the heat, just like a writer goes through the testing period of getting published. But, once the cake is ready, don’t we enjoy most of it? Just like the feeling of enjoying a dessert, even completing a good book gives unimaginable satisfaction.

If stories are cake, why not bake them with innovation, hard work and zeal?

On that note, for all writers, readers and dreamers – I am one among you. Signing off my little piece on my favourite topic, I would say, be it writing or any other dream in life, you know what the most important thing is?

To keep going.

Hurdles will come, you will face moments where you have time, energy and a story to write, but you fall short of words; you will face phases of endless frustration; you might have to reconsider your priorities in life and the list of challenges continue. But, one thing that you need to hang on to is your writing. Trust people, but trust your story more than anything else. Once that bakes into a delicious story, I am sure you would enjoy the taste of success to the fullest.

PS: There is nothing as satisfying as taking the book that you have written in your hand.

PPS: This goes with full self-experience.

Keep writing, keep dreaming and chase your dreams!

About the Book:
KABIR - Politically ambitious, Loves the centre stage, Enjoys attention, Loves to love, Bright ray of sunshine

AMAIRA - Free-spirited, Reversing stereotypes, Dreamer, Bubble of confidence, Salt in tea

KUSHANK - A thinktank, Brilliant businessman, Wants to, but never does, Lacks confidence, Distrusts himself

SUHANI - Timid and shy, Accepts life, Scared to rebel, Sings beautifully, Searching for herself

No Matter What I Do is a story entangling the lives of these four
very different people who are bound together by love and
friendship. Will the world mould them into its colours, or will they find themselves?


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