20 February, 2017

#BookReview :: 31 Miles by Vinita Bakshi

Mansa has the perfect family life—a husband, two daughters and a big house. But she feels that something is missing. After shifting to a major city, she decides to take the reins of her life in her own hands, she decides to step out and seek a career.

While enjoying the new-found freedom and confidence, she completely immerses herself in her work and her new life. Till one fateful day when she finds herself embroiled in a passionate affair—with an online lover. And then everything falls apart!

31 Miles is the story of a woman who rediscovers herself after marriage, and works towards self-emancipation. Will she give it all up for the elusive mirage created by the stranger? What turn will her life take next? 

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I was hesitant to start on this book. I am a firm believer of the fact that there is no justification for extra-marital affairs (even an online one) and the blurb of the book clearly indicated one. So, it is with some apprehension that I picked up this book.

31 Miles is the story of Mansa, a woman whose life could reflect that of many in our country. Married to a successful man and financially settled, Mansa’s need to reaffirm that what she has with her husband is indeed love makes a reader empathize with her. Though she has a husband who is caring and supportive, she feels that she is missing something in life. As such she takes an initiative to give her life s new turn, but is she ready for what comes with it?

For me characters in a book are like anchors. They really can provide a certain level of stability to the story if they are well developed. Mansa is such a character. She is strong and intelligent. As the protagonist her role in the story demands attention and as a reader I had to give it to her. The plot is mostly well paced though there were moments where I felt that things were a bit sluggish as certain parts felt bit repetitive. There were hardly any surprises. But what won me over was the way the convolutions of human nature was portrayed. Did I agree to them all? No, but that did not stop me from appreciating the fact that not once did the author try to make Mansa look like an infallible and larger than life character.

A faster pace along with tighter narration is perhaps what would have made the book more enjoyable along the way.

Review Copy received from the Author

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