18 February, 2017

#GuestPost - Why I dedicated my book to B.S.F... by #Author Paromita Goswami

Title of the book: Grow Up Messy!
(A Hilarious Coming of Age Series Book1)
Author: Paromita Goswami
Genre:  Middle School, Teen and YA
Publisher:  Ficus India

The Blurb: 
Childhood is considered to be the best time of one’s life. What if you get a chance to live it once more with a five-year-old? 
Misry, a naughty five-year-old girl, lives with her parents in a B.S.F border outpost near Indo-Bangladesh border. But with no schools and friends she feels very lonely. She tries to befriend some local village kids. But they find her incompetent in their rural antics. They nickname her Messy as most of the time she messes up their plan. Can Misry really be a part of the gang? 
Set in the early eighties, join Misry in the adventures of her life.

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It is an honour to dedicate this book series to these men of B.S.F.

1st December is celebrated as the B.S.F raising day. This year, the organization completed 51st years of service to the nation. My sentiments for the people in this organization has scaled a new height with my new book, Grow Up Messy! available worldwide on all online ebook platforms. I am very proud to dedicate my new book to the B.S.F personnel.

Grow Up Messy!, is a children e-book for the middle grade and above. It’s a family read set in the early eighties. This book captures the essence of childhood through the eyes of a naughty five-year-old girl Misry alias Messy. As a paramilitary, Border Security Force (B.S.F) child, since her father is a B.S.F personnel, her life is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. So come and join the fun ride with the  mischievous life of Messy and her family.

Before I take you to the story let me share with you some facts about this vast organization of our country, the Border Security Force (B.S.F). Today we find the mention of this force unit more or less every day in the news. They are our country’s first line of defence and work round the clock performing their duties. While they work, the organization takes care of their families. However, there are several occasions in life when their presence is missed by the members of the family, especially the children.

As a B.S.F child, I too had such moments when my father was not around to buck me up when I played for my school team or take me on vacations during my school holidays. Nevertheless, I am very proud to be part of this organisation that has played an incredible role in my growing up years. Today, the respect I have for the men in uniform is only because I have seen the considerable amount of dedication they show towards their duty for the nation due of which the people get the chance to celebrate the moments of their life with the loved ones.

Therefore I take it as an honour to dedicate this book series to these men of B.S.F.

Here are some facts that will make you proud too.
The Border security Force of  India has come up a long way in safeguarding the international borders, both on the land, and the water, since its establishment in the year 1965. Under the guidance of Shri K.F Rustamji, as the first Director General of the establishment, B.S.F took its baby steps to emerge as the largest border guarding force of the world within few decades.

B.S.F as an organization has been helping the nation not just as the first line of defence but also in restoring communal harmony or reaching out to the distressed people during floods and any natural calamity within the country. Since its establishment, B.S.F personnel have been contributing services towards UN missions.

With the motto, “Duty Onto Death” the establishment also takes care of border fencing, flood lighting and construction of roads to curb illegal infiltration from the border areas in the Eastern and Western part of the country.

Today it boasts of its own Marine and Air wing along with Artillery regiments which not only helps in the vigil of the international border day and night but also in maintaining the internal security duty in insurgent zones.

B.S.F also runs the National Training Centre for Dogs that help trains dogs in infantry patrolling, detection of explosives and also for tracking and tracing. It also has its unique Tear Smoke Unit that helps during anti-riot operations. Apart from that the organization also boasts of its own commando force known as the Creek Commandos who guard the hostile creek area in Gujarat.

B.S.F has also opened its doors to women cadets since 2009 with it’s all women B.S.F battalion. Since then the organization has offered many avenues for the women cadets. Ms. Satwant Atwal Trivedi , Himachal Pradesh’s first woman IPS officer, joined the paramilitary as the Inspector General in the year 2015 and on Women’s Day 2016, Tanushri Pareek, joins the Border Security Force as the first woman officer, as the Assistant Commandant after completing her training at the Border Security Force Officers Training Academy at Tekanpur. The lowering of Flag ceremony at Wagah border, Amritsar has a permanent post for the women cadets who showcase their excellence every time during the ceremony. The women cadets have also been guarding the LOC in both Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir along with the male cadets.

About the Author:
Paromita Goswami is a writer and storyteller by passion and a rebel by choice. She says the world is full of stories and as a writer she loves to pen them down. Her work is not genre specific. From literary fiction to children book to upcoming paranormal thriller and women fiction, Paromita Goswami‘s books offer the variety of life to her readers. Grow Up Messy! is her second book. She debuted in 2015 with Shamsuddin’s Grave, a literary fiction. Besides writing, she is also the founder of reading club that enhances book reading habit in children. She lives in central India with her family.

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