27 May, 2017

#BookReview :: The Golem's Eye (Bartimaeus Sequence #2) by Jonathan Stroud

The young magician Nathaniel is fast rising through the government ranks. His most urgent task is to put an end to the mysterious Resistance, but Kitty and her friends continue to elude him. As the pressure mounts, London is suddenly threatened by a new series of terrifying attacks. Is it the Resistance - or something even more dangerous? Nathaniel is forced to embark on a perilous mission to the enemy city of Prague; and to summon once again the troublesome, enigmatic and quick-witted djinni, Bartimaeus.

The thrilling sequel to The Amulet of Samarkand is a roller-coaster ride of magic, adventure and political skulduggery as the fates of Nathaniel, Bartimaeus and Kitty explosively collide.

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In the second instalment of Bartimaeus Sequence, Nathaniel finds himself in a position where he requires the services of the djinni, Bartimaeus. As a young magician trying to climb the ladders of the ministry, Nathaniel has been tasked to deal with a revolutionary group that is growing by the minute in London.  Along with the reluctant Bartimaeus, Nathaniel takes on to solve the crimes rocking the city and take care of the revolutionary group at the same time. This time his life and his career is on the line!

The Golem’s Eye is an excellent sequel to The Amulet of Samarkhand. It meets every set of expectations set up by the first book in the series. We see Nathaniel grow into his destiny of becoming one of the strongest Magicians. Though at times he comes across this self-centered magician, he does redeem himself in the end with his other admirable qualities like courage and determination. Kitty is an important part of the resistance that Nathaniel is trying to dismantle. She has certain qualities that makes you like her from the very beginning. She is strong, persistent with a high sense of honour and code. She makes for an amazing character that adds more to the story than anyone else.

Bartimaeus and his clever quips keep you entertained through the book. But there are moments when his jibes make you think twice as he often raises important issues. That is one of the reasons why I am liking this series so much. Even in the guise of fantasy fiction, the book often makes you stop and take notice of things in real life.

I will stand by what I said at the end of my review for The Amulet of Samarkhand… This series is a must read for all fantasy lovers.

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