26 May, 2017

#BookReview :: The Battlemage (Summoner #3) by Taran Matharu

After the thrilling cliffhanger at the end of book two, we rejoin Fletcher and his friends in the ether, where they must undertake a mortally dangerous quest, all the while avoiding capture by enemies and facing foes more terrifying than anything they have yet encountered.

But this is nothing compared to what truly lies ahead for Fletcher, as his nemesis, albino orc Khan, is on a mission to destroy Hominum and everything and everyone that Fletcher loves.

Epic battles, dramatic revelations and breathtaking drama await in the third and final book in the New York Times bestselling Summoner series.

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The finale of the Summoner series is here…! Finally!!

The first two books have been both entertaining and enjoyable an I have been waiting to get my hands on this one. The growth of Fletcher has been phenomenal over the last two books and so it is only natural (don’t forget the awful cliffhanger the second book ended with) that I would be curious to know what happens next.

The Inquisition had left off with Fletcher discovering his mother and he and his friends landing in the ether. The ether is supposed to be poisonous to humans and so the question remained how they would survive. In this book, we finally get to see (and understand) a lot more about the ether. Fletcher and his friends now not only have to a find a safe passage home but also deal with their enemies for once and all to keep Hominum safe.

I loved the character of Fletcher even more in this book. His underlying characteristic of being this flawed but real character who can be relied on even at the most crucial times is really endearing. Seeing him lead his friends while staving of rough times is something that keeps the series ticking. I also enjoyed this journey with Ignatius, Athena, Othello, Arcturus and Sylva.

This is one of the best series conclusion that I have read in quite some time. It has everything that one would expect and more. An absolute delight for fantasy lovers.

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