07 June, 2017

#BookReview :: Ptolemy's Gate (Bartimaeus Sequence #3) by Jonathan Stroud

Two thousand years have passed since Bartimaeus was at the height of his powers - invincible in battle and befriended by the great magician Ptolemy. Now, trapped on Earth and treated with disdain by his master, Nathaniel, Bartimaeus finds his energies are fading fast.

Meanwhile, undercover in London, the fugitive Kitty Jones has been stealthily completing her research on magic and demons. She hopes she can break the endless cycle of conflict between djinn and humans.

This extraordinary conclusion to the Bartimaeus Trilogy moves across the centuries and into unknown worlds. The destinies of Bartimaeus, Nathaniel and Kitty are entwined for a final time. Together, they must defeat treacherous magicians, uncover a chilling conspiracy and face the most dangerous threat in the history of magic. Worst of all, they must contend with each other... 

Nathaniel, Bartimaeus and Kitty are back for another amazing adventure.

Ptolemy’s Gate picks up things three years after the events of The Golem’s Eye. Nathaniel is now a member of the council. He is also placed close to the minister and as such we can say that he has established himself as an influential magician. At the same time, we also come to discover that not everyone admires the man that Nathaniel has become. Kitty is now an assistant to a magician and is secretly continuing her research on magician and demons alike. 

Baritmaeus is the character that gives this series the level that it is at. I love his wit and sarcasm. They are so hilarious that it brings in a slightly lighter note to the books. There’s never a dull moment when Bartimaeus is around.

The plot goes deeper into the world in this book. We discover a lot more about magic, demons and the relationship between magicians and demons. The winner for this book is certainly the climax and the turn it takes. It absolutely surprised me. Not to give out any spoilers, but if you pick this book up with an expectation of rainbows and happily ever afters, you will be sorely disappointed. In fact, once my surprise wore off, I feel that the book has a very realistic and appropriate ending. No other ending could have done justice.

The three books satiated my want for some good fantasy after a long long time. This is now my second favourite fantasy series, after Harry Potter. This book was a brilliant conclusion to a brilliant series. FANTASY LOVERS… MUST READ!

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