05 October, 2017

#BookReview :: Knightswrath (The Dragonkin Trilogy #2) by Michael Meyerhofer

Rowen Locke has achieved his dream of becoming a Knight of the Crane, and he now bears Knightswrath, the legendary sword of Fâyu Jinn. But the land remains torn, and though Rowen suffers doubts, he would see it healed. His knightly order is not what it seems, though, and allies remain thin. When Rowen and his friends seek an alliance with the forest-dwelling Sylvs, a tangle of events results in a midnight duel that teaches Rowen a dangerous lesson and leaves him with a new companion of uncertain loyalties. 

The sadistic Dhargots still threaten the kingdoms, but another menace lurks in the shadows, playing a game none can see. As Rowen struggles to prove his worth—to his allies and to himself—chaos raises its hand to strike. A price must be paid, and not even the wielder of Knightswrath will remain untouched. 

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Michael Meyerhofer follows up Wytchfire with and equally interesting and engaging sequel.

Rowen Locke has achieved his dream of becoming a knight even though he had to pursue quite an unconventional path to do it. But battles are still raging everywhere around him and he still has a part to play in the larger scheme of things while wielding the infamous Knightswrath sword. The book picks up the remaining threads from the first book and continues with the plot. New alliances are made, old feuds are not forgotten and a group of mismatched allies must band together if things are to be righted in the world.

The book is a page turner right from the beginning. The author doesn’t waste any time in getting the readers into the thick of things. As we see the plot unveiled further, the interest in the book only multiplies. There is never a dull moment in the book. As the plot progresses, we see the characters develop as well. The most interesting part of the plot in this book probably was where we find out more about the Kingswrath and indications towards the power its bearer can wield. There are quite a few twists waiting to happen in the pages.

The author continued to charm me with his impressive language and narrative style. This book too comes with an ending that will force the readers to pick up book three in the series.

I cannot wait to find out how this epic fantasy trilogy ends.

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