03 October, 2017

#BookReview :: Nothing Else Matters by Vish Dhamija

Luv Singh is a hired gun; he carries out assassinations for an underworld don. The clients are anonymous, so are the targets. 

Out one night on a job, he awaits his target to climb out of the car that’s just arrived at the scene. As he looks through the scope of his rifle, his finger on the trigger, he sees his target accompanied by one of the most gorgeous women Luv has ever seen: Zoya. 

Zoya Merchant was Luv Singh’s girlfriend back in college, almost two decades earlier. 

He fails to take a shot. He’s betrayed Zoya once before; He cannot assassinate her husband. Knowing that the mafia doesn’t condone failure or dissidence, he still pledges to save Zoya’s husband from whoever’s calling the shots. 

Nothing Else Matters is a riveting tale set alternately in the criminal underworld and Zoya and Luv’s college lives and about making choices that impact lives forever. It is crime fiction, but it is also a heart-breaking romance of a love that never dies. Come, fall in love with its flawed characters that cannot be forgiven, but will always be loved.

Luv Singh is an assassin who likes to keep both his clients and targets anonymous. That is the way to keep things simple and uncomplicated. But one day when he finds that his target is accompanied by his ex-flame, he fails to take the shot. In a turn of events, Luv Singh decides to not only not take out his target, but in turn stop the people who want to get Zoya’s husband out of the way.

The book promises mystery and romance fails miserably on both counts. Luv Singh is supposed to be this cold-blooded killer, but turns into mush the moment he sees Zoya. As the protagonist, he failed to deliver at all levels. It was hard to imagine him as a hired gun and it was difficult to look at him as a romantic guy. The character really failed to engage me. The same goes with the plot… There was hardly any mystery about where the story was going and the climax was no surprise either. All this book delivered was a lot of drama. The saving grace of the book was the language of the author which is quite lucid. 

I had heard so much about Vish Dhamija that I just had to pick up one of his books.  But unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed. Either I just happened to pick the wrong book or his books are just not for me. I am yet to find out which it is and so I may just try another book by the author to give it a chance.

Review Copy received from Srishti Publishers

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