25 December, 2018

#GuestPost :: Christmas gifts for Bookworms by Melissa Chan

Christmas is a lovely time for gingerbread houses, songs around the warm fire, and for all around holiday cheer. Gift giving is a yearly tradition, and a well-loved holiday pastime for families and friends alike. It's never too late to find a gift for anyone in your life. Some think gift giving is only for children who open presents with excitement or to a few select people in your inner circle, but the benefits of presents are not only for the receiver but for the giver as well.

Here are a few gift ideas for the bookworms in your life. Remember, they don't just have to be family and friends. Colleagues, roommates, teachers, and local librarians will also appreciate the gesture.

Readers, especially those who like physical editions of hardcover books always need something to help carry around their current read. This Emily Dickinson Tote Bag makes for the perfect gift for fans of her poetry and also for those who like vintage handwriting. This bag comes in three different sizes and is a light purple print on a dark navy background.

This Jane Austen T-Shirt is perfect for those who bookworms who are also writers. This shirt depicts a vintage writing desk just like Jane Austen might have used. There is a candle, quill, and other assorted items on this desk. This shirt is in a lightweight cotton fabric and there are many color choices in a cream print on a dark background.

The next gifts on your list are suggestions for types of gifts you may like to give. I've not seen any of the actual products myself. I hope they offer some interesting ideas for those on your list whom you have still yet to shop for.

This School Book Stack Ornament or any ornament for that matter, makes for the perfect stocking stuffer. It is a cute stack of books hanging from a chain so you can place it directly on your tree. When the tree is gone consider placing it on a book shelf or beneath a window. Since it's not specific to holidays it will make for a great all-year piece.

These Antiquarian Bookplates are a lovely choice for someone who has a large library of books. Bookplates are for placing inside your personal books so you can keep track of them when you lend them out. I love borrowing books from my friends and lending them some of my titles as well. Each bookplate has a literary quote and illustration. If you like, consider buying these bookplates, keep a few for yourself and split the rest up as stocking stuffers, or as part of gift baskets.

Cakes are fantastic snacks for when you are comfy on the couch reading a book. Use this Book Cake Pan to bake cakes and decorate them as someone's favorite novel. You can either give this pan to the baker or keep it for yourself and give them the delicious and decorated cake as the present. This gift is special because it is really out of the ordinary and is sure to bring a smile to the face of any book lover.

Thank you for reading some of my gift suggestions, have a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays!

Melissa Chan