24 December, 2018

#BookReview :: I Yaam A Rajini Fan by Devnath

In the 80s and 90s, the ‘Rajini Style’ had a huge influence on the life of every kid who grew up in Tamil Nadu. Such is the hold of the Matinee Idol, Rajinikanth, over the last four decades across the globe. His fans transcend language and country barriers.

Arun Amutharasan comes from that generation. His life in the small town of Chinnakulam was filled to the brim with Rajini.

The town has Arun's memories painted on every nook and corner of it. 

The memories run through love, friendship, hatred, and betrayal as Arun tells the tales of his family, friends, and the women in his life.

He narrates his transition from a ‘no wires’ world to the wireless world, small town pleasures to a global village scenario… all through his eyes, from being a little boy to the time he grew up into a man.

But there is more than one Rajini influencing his life, travelling with him in every juncture.

‘I Yaam a Rajini Fan’ by Devnath is the story of a small town boy Arun. Like most of us, Arun is a simple boy with simple dreams and aspirations. As we get into his story, we see his journey up, close and personal. With friendship, family, love and betrayals, Arun has his obsession of the movie star Rajinikanth to help him navigate his life.

It is a simple story that has been narrated in a simple manner. It keeps to the one characteristic that is synonymous to the mega star whose face is on the cover of this book. Even those of who have had no direct interaction with the mega star know it for a fact that Rajinikanth is a simple man. Arun’s story would resonate with so many Indians who live and love the movie industry for lighting up our lives. This story could be of any of us… I have never been a Rajinikanth fan even though I have enjoyed few of his Hindi releases. Yet, I could understand Arun through my own love for another star (though I can’t say I love him as much Arun loves his Rajinis) and I could see Rajinikanth in a different avatar through Arun.

Rajinikanth has been no less than an enigma to me. He is such a big star, a status well earned, but I could never understand why people literally worship this man. He is after all, only a man and an actor. But through this book I have learned more about the man than any news article could ever tell me.

In the end, the book is more than just about being a Rajinikanth fan – irrespective of what the title suggests. Yes, the star is a big part of the story, but it is also about the journey of a simple boy who has moved forward through his share of hurdles in life. There is enough drama and humour to keep you reading. It was certainly an entertaining read.

Review Copy received from the Author

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