12 April, 2019

#BookReview :: The Bodyguard (Undercover #1) by Ruchi Singh

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I happened to read the second book of the Undercover series, Guardian Angel, earlier this year and a passing mention of the main character Esha in that book had me curious about her. Having enjoyed reading Guardian Angel, it was a no brainer that I was going to pick up this book.

Vikram is a debonair character. He is a businessman who believes in hard work and as such he is highly successful in what he does. When his life is threatened, Esha enters in his life as his bodyguard. With a military background, Esha is more than capable of handling her assignment, except Vikram seems to be intent on breaking every protocol set for his safety. When two personalities clash at all level and there is a chemistry that cannot be ignored, how is Esha going to keep Vikram safe from a source whose motives are unknown?

The protagonists are highly interesting and engaging characters. Both, Esha and Vikram, are stubborn to the core and that is possibly the only trait that they share. Esha respects rules and has a set way of handling things. I think that would be the part of the disciplined military life that she has picked up. She is spirited yet can come off as closed personality at times. Vikram on the other hand is much more relaxed and open about life. Vikram’s friend Nikhil (the protagonist of book 2) also manages to make an impression in the book with his steadfast loyalty. As for the antagonist, all I will say is that the author managed to make the character really human with various shades giving the readers a chance to experience a number of emotions towards the character.

The book is filled with action, mystery and drama. I found it impossible to ignore the drama caused by the two protagonists going head to head with their stubborn natures. The mystery unfolds slowly as at the beginning the motive behind the threat on Vikram’s life is unclear. As the story progresses the author reveals crucial information at different stages to keep the readers satiated. 

The reason I loved this book so much is the same as why I enjoyed Guardian Angel as well. Though a Romantic Suspense by genre and has some romantic elements in it, the book focuses on the suspense aspects of the plot. As a result, the romance doesn’t feel forced and is just another element used to cook up the plot. 

If you enjoy romantic suspense and are looking for a quick read – this could be an option for you to consider.

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  1. I'm not a fan of romance books in general but I like the way this one spins the stereotype on it's head and makes the girl the bodyguard