11 November, 2019

#Spotlight :: Rock Angel by Jody French - @frenchiegrammie

About the Book:

When Emily, a sensitive synthesete from Claremore, Oklahoma, witnesses a heart-wrenching act of domestic violence that orphans her and her older sister, Emily is haunted by the loss of her kindred spirit. She turns to music for comfort, and keeps secret the fact that she has the ability to see other people’s auras and sense their true natures. For Emily, a kaleidoscope of color lofts above everyone she meets. She is instinctively drawn to rare, nurturing Purples like her mother and avoids the cruel Grays like her father, the Monster. Without her mother’s guidance, Emily must learn to trust her instincts and draw her boundaries on her own as she navigates through a newly found career in the music industry.

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Read a Snippet:

“See, I told you. You're famous.” Maggie smiles. “And, Emily, this aura thing, you can look at it as a gift or a curse. Maybe it’s a little of both. Don’t close yourself off from the world or let anyone run you down because you think you’re different or you might get rejected. You gotta stay confident. Stand up tall. Don’t let anyone intimidate you. Let your silver light shine! And hey, if it gets too much and, my newly found tetrachromat, just slide on your shades.” Maggie gives me a sly wink. “Does that work for you, too?”

About the Author:

Hailing from Coweta, Oklahoma, author Jody French’s love for working with teens, as well as her passion for her son’s music, inspired her to write her young adult novels, Red Dirt Rocker and Rock Angel. In addition to writing, Jody is a swim instructor and advocate for child water safety. Jody especially loves to spend time with her husband, three children and six grandchildren hot springs hopping in her native state of Colorado.

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