12 November, 2019

#Spotlight - The Broken Bridge by Sonali Bhattacharya - @sb72

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About the Book:
Dorothy, the retired mathematics teacher of a girl's school, passes away one fine morning. Her favourite students from the village in Junput--Aparna (Apu) and Preetam (Preet) come forward to organize an event in her memory. Years back, Apu and Preet had parted ways in the backdrop of a hostile situation. Many relationships were broken overnight. One of them was theirs. They chose different paths in life. Success and failure came their way in various shapes and forms. They had nothing in common, except the abandoned memories. The day Dorothy's solicitor, Mr Ray, read her will, the status quo of their broken relationship was challenged. Midlife is more vulnerable than teenage. Preet and Apu tried solving a new problem in their lives. Did Dorothy, their lifetime coach, teach them enough?

Read a Snippet:
“She taught me numbers to earn my livelihood. She fuelled my passion for music to make life lively. She introduced me to the sea and the mountain to prepare me to face life. The sea made me accept life has a rhythm and the mountains taught me there is no finishing line for life.”

About the Author:
Sonali Bhattacharya graduated from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, in 1994. She lives in the city of joy and presently works in an IT multinational company. Twenty-five years of work-life gave her exposure to many individuals and their lives. Influence of good teachers, and subsequently mentors, plays a key role in everyone’s life. Good coaches, who play the role of a teacher—and often a mentor—are rare. She firmly believes that as the complexities of worldly life are growing, we need more coaches who positively influence life—more so in midlife when complexities are of high order and there is dearth of a guiding star. Apart from writing, she is keen on coaching young and old to deal with the social changes that are rapidly engulfing our world. Assisting the older generation with nuances of digital world and exploring psychological needs of people around have been her special areas of interest in the last few years. She feels both are key skills to bridge the distance of human minds, in the world that we live in.