12 August, 2020

#Interview with Charmeljun Gallardo, #Author of #ReadyForTheWorld Series

About The Book Series
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Ready For The World: Driver’s Education

Ready For The World: Driver’s Education follows the story of Brandon Delacruz, a fifteen-year-old Filipino American teenager trying to make his way through life during the late 1980s. What Brandon wants out of life is simple: a cool car, a chance to be one of the cool kids at school, and most of all, a cool girlfriend. But instead, all he has are his loving family and his lifelong friends, Josh and Ally, to help him get through the minefield of high school life. 

As he looks for ways to get the car and status, Brandon fails to realize that the girl he’s been searching for has been there all along. But before he and Ally can explore a new relationship, a tragedy occurs that changes their lives. And now Brandon will have to find a way to balance his deep friendship with the excitement, trepidation, and complexity that young love brings...all while trying to keep his grades up.

Check out the Book on Amazon

Ready For The World: Superstar

Things couldn’t be better for Brandon Delacruz. After a long and winding road, he finally has the girl of his dreams. To top it all off, he’s discovered his destiny. He’s going to write the next great novel. Not bad for someone who a few months shy of his sixteenth birthday.

But after a tumultuous start to the year, he finds himself stuck between two girls. On one side is Ally, his best friend since kindergarten who’s suddenly become more of a mystery. And on the other side is Rachel, a brilliant and strong-willed girl that isn’t afraid to speak her mind. As he sorts his feelings out, he’ll find that the world isn’t like the one he’s writing about in his book. Real-life is messy and perplexing, especially in high school. 

And Brandon will learn that life can offer true beauty and grace...and heartbreak.

Interview with Author Charmeljun Gallardo

When did you decide to become a writer?

When I was ten, I was helping my family clean out the garage and found an old manual typewriter. It was hard to type anything with it so I did the “hunt and peck” using the eraser end of a pencil. Once I got an idea of where all the keys were, I started creating my own stories based on the comic books I loved. When I was in high school, I started using my school’s computer lab to write stories and screenplays. In college, I majored in Creative Writing, wrote for my school’s literary magazine, was a teaching assistant for a Freshman English professor, and helped edit her textbook.
I guess being a writer was always a part of me even when I wasn’t writing.

What are the ambitions of your writing career?

The only thing I’ve wanted to do with my writing is to tell my stories. I just want to get my stories out into the world and hopefully entertain people along the way. I didn’t get into writing for fame and fortune.
But I wouldn’t be opposed to making a fortune... 😀

Give us insight into your main character. And what does he do that is special?

I think what makes Brandon special is that he doesn’t quite fit into any one box. He’s a smart kid and good in school, but he’s not a prodigy. He is athletic and plays sports, but I wouldn’t consider him a jock. He isn’t one of the popular kids, but not a social outcast either. He can set foot in any world that interests him and be comfortable there for a while.

Do you have a special time to write and how is your day structured?

I did the bulk of my writing at a local cafe near my home in the morning after dropping my son off at school. I’d get my regular order of a coffee and bagel, plug in my headphones, and write until it was time to pick up my son from school in the afternoon.
But these days, it means sitting at the edge of my bed and typing on a tiny bedside table whenever I can.
I miss that cafe...

Where do the ideas come from?

I started writing this when I was in high school. It’s all based on what was going on in my life at the time. Namely, all the fun and crazy things my best friends and I did. Back then, I saw it as a screenplay even though I had no idea how to format it as a screenplay.
When I got to college, I found that my strength was in prose and not screenplays. I had great teachers and professors that helped me work on every aspect of writing. It was an invaluable experience. I can’t thank my professors enough.
Years later, I casually mentioned to my wife how I always wanted to revisit that screenplay to turn it into more of a first-person book. Now that I was older, I thought it might be fun to look back at those stories with better knowledge of writing and more life experience.
And she said, “So, why don’t you?”
And here we are...:)

Do you work on the outline or plot or you prefer to see where an idea takes you?

I’ve always known how I wanted the series to end, so I’ve had my notes for all the major plot points stashed away. But I’ve had to make a few changes along the way. I felt that I needed to add more dimension to all of the characters. Every character should be built like they are the main character, even though they may not get as much time on the page. Even the tiniest of glimpses into a minor character can add a lot to a story.

Any tips on how to get through the dreaded writers' blocks?

Ah, writer’s block. I know it well...
The first thing that I can offer is to keep writing. What you’re writing won’t always the best thing you’ve ever written. Sometimes it will be awful and dreadful. But you’ll have to get through those valleys to get to those peaks. And then you’ll go through all of it again until the book is done.
The second thing I can say is to give you a break. Life happens to all of us. Jobs get demanding, children need help with homework, laundry needs washing. Do what needs to be done. And that includes stepping away for a bit. Take a walk, read a book, or watch a movie. But after that, the break’s over. Get back to it. Treat writing like any other occupation.

What can we expect from you down the line?

I’ve always planned to have Ready For The World be a four-book series. I’m currently working on the third book in the series and eager to get these characters to the next level. They’re beginning to see a life beyond their high school corridors and the walls of their homes. They’ll begin to ask the questions that all young people have about their lives. And I will have them seek out the answers to those questions themselves. I can’t wait to share them!

About the Author:

Charmeljun Gallardo is a former Radiologist and author. His first book is  Ready For The World young adult book series. He graduated from San Francisco State University with a Creative Writing degree in 1996. He is a writer, photography enthusiast, sports fan, movie geek, stroke survivor, and an adventurous foodie. He lives in San Diego, California with his wife and son. 

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