13 August, 2020

Read an #Excerpt from The Mazes of Magic by @JackMassa2 #AncientHistory #HistoricalFiction

About the Book:

The Lord of the Abyss is rising in Egypt. Can a reckless young Greek find the power to stop him?

Imprisoned in a slave yard, tormented by spells of madness, Korax the Greek struggles to regain his memory.
Purchased by the High Priest Harnouphis, he is given an Egyptian name, transported to a temple on the Nile, put into service as a translator.
But Harnouphis also has another plan: to tap the Greek's extraordinary talent as a seer to advance his own dark ambitions.
As his wits return, Korax forges a plan of his own: to learn enough of the mystic arts to escape Egypt and return to his home island of Rhodes.
But before he can act, he must perform a service for the Goddess Isis. Korax may be gifted, but can he summon the power to overcome both his master and his master's god?

A novel of myth, magic, and adventure, set in the Age of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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The Mazes of Magic * Conjurer of Rhodes, The Series

Read an Excerpt from The Mazes of Magic


He had died once. He knew that much for certain.

He had wandered the shore of the River Styx, but for some reason not crossed over. Instead, he had returned to the mortal world—he knew not how or why.

Whole segments of his memory from that time were lost, or else scattered in fragments that made no sense, sharp fragments that cut at him like broken glass. His mind must have been damaged on that journey back from the Underworld.

The heat was stifling. How long had he been trapped in this cell with its dusty brick and searing black iron? He drank the water they gave him, but seldom touched the food. Better to starve, he had decided, than live a moment longer than he must in this place, this slave yard. 

How had he become a slave?

Each effort to force himself to remember brought dizziness and headache, his mind swirling down into whirlpools of bewilderment and fear. Madness. He flailed like a drowning man, desperate to remember who he was.

Now he stood at the tiny window, staring through the black grate at the sun hovering on the horizon.
Helios, Lord of the Sun. Patron deity of Rhodes.

Yes, he was a Greek, from the island of Rhodes. Korax was his name, Korax son of Leontes. Those memories were clear enough. He had grown up in a prosperous merchant family, studied at the finest school in Rhodos, the island’s capital city. Like all male citizens of Rhodes, he had spent his seventeenth summer at the oars of a galley, training to serve in the navy. He had been brave, reckless, full of life, passionate about theater and music. He sang and played the lyre.

Indeed, in one of his last memories he was practicing to play at a festival. But something about that night was different. As the dizziness welled in his brain, he fought to remember. He saw his fingers attacking the strings, evoking music that was wild, exquisite, but not his own.

Divine music.

Yes … Outlandish, fearful, yet he knew it to be true.

That night, he was possessed by a god.

About the Author:

Jack Massa has studied writing and other forms of magic for many years. He has published fantasy, science fiction, poetry, and a lot of technical nonfiction.

Jack’s current projects include The Abby Renshaw Supernatural Mysteries (Young Adult and New Adult paranormal fantasy), The Glimnodd Cycle (epic fantasy featuring witches and ice-pirates) and the Conjurer of Rhodes series (historical fantasy set in the ancient world).

Jack lives in Florida, USA, with his magical wife and a pet orange tree named Grover.

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