08 October, 2020

#BookReview :: The Body in the Dumpster by Shruti Priyaa - @shruti_priyaa #Quickies #MurderMystery

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When a woman's tortured and mangled body is found in a dumpster, Detective Raunak is put on the case. And Samaira, a vivacious reporter is close behind. Her presence both irks Raunak and also forces him to take a closer look at everything as he cannot afford to make a mistake with her dogging his every step. As they identify the victim and locate the actual crime scene, the plot starts to reveal itself bit by bit. There is no dearth of suspects - be it the husband or the mistress or an ex. Each one of them seem to have a reason to want Pam Rodriguez, the victim, dead!

This book is a part of Quickies Series from Srishti Publishers. Quickies are short and crisp stories that you can finish reading at a single sitting. They are supposed to be snappy and at 30 pages, 'The Body in a Dumpster' delivers on mystery, drama and loads of forensic lingo. The story doesn't have much time to truly give us a glimpse into our protagonists Raunak & Samaira. Other than that, it does deliver on a mystery that keeps you interested complete with a red herring and a twist.

One aspect of the book where the author could have done a much better job is with the dialogue delivery. The dialogues feel quite fragmented at places - especially at the places where Raunak and Samaira are bantering. I could understand that the author meant certain conversations to come across as witty and show the kind of rapport the two characters share - instead they felt very disjointed. On the other hand, the author delivers the technical information quite well.  As a result, this book was both a hit and a miss for me. I would like to continue and read a couple more books in the series, if only to see how the author develops the protagonists over them.

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