15 January, 2022

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Behavioural Astrology by Charlie Emerson

As someone who has been drawn towards all the different branches of Occult sciences and as someone who has indulged in that curiosity by trying to self-learn the subjects, I can attest to the fact that most of these subjects are very difficult to learn by oneself. Even in this age of information, where google can provide answers to any question under the sun, one needs to be careful of all the misinformation floating around.

My journey with astrology has been that of love and hate. I am intrigued by it, but none of the books I have read so far actually helped me to 'understand'. Oh, I can tell you what your zodiac sign traits are and that it is better to keep your mouth shut when Mercury is in retrograde… But those are just things that I kind of picked up rather than learning how's and why's.

And with all that rambling the point I am trying to make is that I absolutely loved Charlie Emerson's Behavioural Astrology because it turned out to be a book that gave me an experience that almost felt like chatting with a friend rather than listening to a lecture from a rather high browed professor who likes to use big words. There… I said it. It was really easy to get into the book and glean important information from it because Charlie treats his audience (readers) like a friend through his delivery.

The book is structured in a way so that people with vague or no idea of astrology can pick it up and understand the materials covered. That is mostly because the author has structured the content and then narrated it in a simple friendly voice with examples and instances from his own life. He covers the different zodiacs and planets (and even asteroids) with the aim to chart out a birth chart and understand what kind of personality (and why) a person is naturally predisposed towards. There are beautifully done charts and graphics sprinkled throughout the book for those who are more of a visual learner.

Whether you are someone who wants to take up astrology as a career choice, or you are someone who, like me, is just curious about what it is, or if you need a little bit of help in introspection towards understanding yourself (strengths & weaknesses) better… This is a certainly a good book to start with that gives you all the basics without ever making you feel overwhelmed.

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